On an advantage of living in a small town

I lost my phone, almost. Tried to put it in an inside jacket pocket, apparently, while at the drugstore, and missed. Walked out of the store, across a very busy intersection (although not quite as busy as usual this morning), and another 10 yards or so before the phone worked itself loose from my jacket and dropped out. I didn't hear it go.

I was three blocks away at the laundry when I discovered it missing, retraced my steps (I figured I'd left it on the counter at the store, but no), and found it. It was lying face up in plain view on the concrete sidewalk, not a scratch.

There weren't a lot of people out walking this morning but there were some, including at least two who must have walked right past it. Maybe they didn't notice it, maybe they did.

Still. Imagine that happening in Brooklyn.

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