If I were in charge of your university…

…you would be at this very moment deep into a mandatory course in military history. The history of warfare is a window to the larger history of every time in every place; it is a window into the human soul, the extremes of good and horrible; it has inspired artists since artists painted on cave walls; and, perhaps most important, an appreciation of the dimensions of war is a requirement for enlightened citizenship in today's world.

But I'm not, and so you are excused. If, however, you decide to pursue this study, you could do a whole lot worse than starting with Paul Kennedy's Engineers of Victory, a study of problem solvers who affected the outcome of World War II. It's somewhat technical. It covers a lot of familiar ground in a new and insightful way. And it's an absorbing read.

Well. It's on the list. 

Makes perfect sense to me

Officials in the New York town of Riverhead, in eastern Long Island, have adopted a code of public behavior for town hall meetings that bans booing.…

The town council rejected a measure that also would have banned applause. 
Hooray! Hooray!

Fake site, fake fashions – wait, you can tell?

If you somehow miss the red flags, enter your credit card information and click “submit,” you will get a message that says, “Oops. This isn’t a real checkout. . . just another fake out. We’re here to make sure you aren’t handing over your credit card info to hardened criminals. You’re welcome.”
Read more: http://style.time.com/2013/03/07/a-fake-fashion-site-for-fake-fashion-awareness/#ixzz2N3gafwzn

And oh yeah, piracy, something something.

Or, Particle Physics Meets the Real, Actual World


But what the hell, we're celebrating anyway

The number of Americans who have been jobless for at least six months inched up to 4.8 million after declining slightly in each of the previous months since October. The percentage of unemployed Americans out of work six months or longer increased to 40.2 percent after dipping below 40 percent in December and January for the first time since 2009.
…In February, nearly 300,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force, meaning they had stopped looking for jobs.
Huffington Post

Just trying to stay ahead of the curve

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton is calling on the Supreme Court to overturn a law he signed that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

The R's made me do it, Slick explains. 


Health wonk unhappy so many people feeling well

Nine in 10 Americans say they’re in good health. They’re wrong.

Eh, who needs the money anyway?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ten years and $60 billion in American taxpayer funds later, Iraq is still so unstable and broken that even its leaders question whether U.S. efforts to rebuild the war-torn nation were worth the cost.

It's official: Attorney General says banks above the law

“Stunning” is how Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) described Holder’s remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. “After hearing today’s testimony, big bankers know that if they commit financial crimes, they can expect a passive response from the Justice Department.”

Me, I'll wait for the movie

…But when the Baker Street Irregulars, an invitation-only literary club, gathered for their annual weekend in New York in January, few had any inkling they would soon be embroiled in a distinctly 21st-century case that might be called “The Adventure of the Social Media-Driven Copyright Debate, With Annotations on Sherlockian Sexism and the True Nature of Literary Devotion.”
New York Times


Go figure: Dems don't trust Republicans in Senate

“Senate Republicans have demonstrated that they have absolutely no intention of ending their assault on the ability of the U.S. Senate to function,” Merkley told TPM, saying he had hoped the bipartisan agreement to preserve the 60-vote threshold but remove some obstacles to governing and ease gridlock. “Many of my colleagues are absolutely beside themselves with frustration, and that frustration is rapidly turning to fury.”


iPhone Photo: Phil Compton

Here's the part that really frightens me about this so-called sequester

A senior White House official says congressional Republicans who see the damage caused by billions in automatic spending cuts will eventually agree to raise taxes.
The Hill
Raise your hand if you think these White house pols can resist making the damage just a little worse than it needs to be in order to prove their point.

My hand stays down.

And this:
"I talk to CEOs of major companies all the time, who are telling me they are putting projects on hold precisely because of this sequester and dysfunction in Washington." [says Sperling on CNN]
What's wrong with that picture, Bunky?

So now there really is a permanent record and it's a lot worse than you thought

In operation just three months, the database already holds files on millions of children identified by name, address and sometimes social security number. Learning disabilities are documented, test scores recorded, attendance noted. In some cases, the database tracks student hobbies, career goals, attitudes toward school - even homework completion.
Local education officials retain legal control over their students' information. But federal law allows them to share files in their portion of the database with private companies selling educational products and services.
Reuters via UNDERNEWS

Brave new freakin' world. 

What happens when you get too organized

A United Nations-based drug agency urged the United States government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties.…
The U.N. report also cited prescription drug abuse as a continuing problem as well as the emergence of so-called designer drugs that are engineered to fall out of the scope of existing drug controls.
New York Times

Venezuela for lunch

With Hugo Chavez gone, US oil industry eyes Venezuela


Saved again

They thought they were going to have to furlough people but no…
WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government says its offices in the Washington, D.C., area will be closed Wednesday as the nation's capital braces for its first big snowfall of the winter.
…it just snowed.

Redefining the word "intriguing"

The news that a commercial pilot has reported seeing a drone loitering near his aircraft as he was preparing to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday raises some intriguing questions…


Time heals all – or at least screws everything up

The investor behind a controversial luxury housing complex in the German capital has suspended construction after thousands protested plans to remove a section of the Berlin Wall to accomodate the building. 
Spiegel Online

Emphasis mine.

Furloughed from your government job? Hey, suck it up…

The Dow Jones reached an all-time high of 14,200 today, besting the pre-financial crisis record set in 2007. The robust gains may surprise many Wall Street analysts and cable news prognosticators who, just a few months ago, were raising the alarm that an Obama reelection would send the market into a tailspin.
Think Progress

Feel better now?


Stop! We've heard enough!

Cuba, a nation of brazen jaywalkers…:

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Same old Mitt

Mitt Romney's Gay Marriage Views Haven't Evolved, Despite Recent Moves By Republicans: "Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney still opposes gay marriage, he said during a recent interview with Fox News."

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Cartier-Bresson photographs Russia…

…in this 1955 issue of LIFE.

Summing up, your life will become a whole lot freakier

Seeing your bitstreams floating in the air in front of you, it would seem, is an ecstatic experience.
Creative Good

Not that it's not pretty freaky already, dude.

Likely counting alleged inflation?

Chicago Tribune - Chicago's embattled red light camera firm went to City Hall on Friday in its latest effort to come clean, acknowledging for the first time that its entire program here was likely built on a $2 million bribery scheme.
By its sheer size, the alleged plot would rank among the largest in the annals of Chicago corruption.

Make no small payoffs. (Sorry, in joke.)

Meanwhile wrap some tape around those leaky pipes and get on with it

Sequestration will hit the federal government hard, but for some folks, it’s nothing to lose sleep over.
Members of Congress, for instance, won’t see their salaries cut.…
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/03/sequester-survivors-88329.html#ixzz2MZxtnWpq

The Stormtroopers next door

This Is What It Looks Like When Stormtroopers Fall in Love


"All-time" not very all (at all)

 Time Magazine's list of all-time best 100 novels is limited to novels written in English since 1923.