Can you spell "fat chance"?

Democrats want Bernie backup; third parties won't debate

Democrats want Bernie Sanders to replace Hillary Clinton if health woes force her out of the race

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If you can't beat 'em…

Breweries compete to create river beer

Some of New England's leading breweries will compete Oct. 1 to see who can turn the questionable water of Boston's Charles River into the tastiest suds.



Woman busted after selling freezer containing her mom's corpse | New York Post


Do we need to repeat our sermonette on back-ups, people?

Novelist runs into burning home to rescue his laptop | New York Post

Concerning holes of the the loop variety

Money talks in US politics. And it appears some of that money is foreign.

It's illegal for foreign nationals to try to influence an election in the United States. US companies with foreign owners, however, face no such restrictions. And in a post-Citizens United world, it's difficult to tell where the money is coming from. Citizens United took a case to the Supreme Court in 2010, claiming that corporations had the same First Amendment right to free speech as people, and as such could give money to political campaigns.…

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The bar for news descends yet lower

Trump flip-flops and says Obama was born in America | New York Post


Could have just stepped on his head but didn't: What a guy

Prince William Helped an Essex Dignitary After He Fell
Vanity Fair

The Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex received a royal helping hand after taking a tumble. Read the full story

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It's those pesky Russkies again

Clinton blames Russia, not Powell, for 'd–king bimbos' email | New York Post

Pretty please?

U.S. wants $14 billion from Deutsche Bank, bank says no

The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Deutsche Bank to pay $14 billion to settle an investigation into its selling of mortgage-backed securities, Germany's flagship lender said on Friday. Read the full story

The thrill of standing in a line

Army of dancing robots queue politely to get their clamps on the iPhone 7

Want to experience the thrill of standing in a queue for the new iPhone 7, but without the downsides, like standing in a queue? Now a dancing robot can do it for you! Read the full story

Only at an Apple Store. In New Zealand. 


Luckily it wasn't just a big storm

Inflatable moon balloon menaces town during typhoon | New York Post

Residents have dubbed it the "furious moon," saying it lent the festivities more excitement than usual.

Oh wretched excess!

Officials: Haverhill man has too many Trump signs on lawn | Boston Herald


Giant orange dinosaur in Massachusetts saved from extinction | Boston Herald


Like a rock

An email from the New York Times which arrived here at 9:30 this morning but was dated September 12 (hello, New York Times) gives Hillary Clinton an 80% chance of winning November's election, while another email that arrived at 10:05 but was dated today, the 15th, reduces her handicap to 76%—quite a substantial drop which is, by the way, mostly Ohio's fault. 

Possibly it's a good thing the election's not in December.

Yes, it's an otherwise grim year…

Cozy Bear Explained: What You Need to Know About the Russian Hacks - NBC News


…but at least we've got the Russians back. Maybe you'd forgotten just how handy those Russians are. Dude, you can blame the Russians for anything.

Sea levels rising? Those Russians are up to something. Cable bill too high? It's the Russians' fault. Hillary Clinton? Need we say more?

Whew. Just when it was looking like we might have to start blaming ourselves, the Russians return. Imagine our relief.

You say that like it's a bad thing

Sadly, This Is The Top Vegetable 1-Year-Olds In America Eat | Huffington Post

The vegetable American toddlers are most likely to eat is a french fry.

Maybe they'll grow up bilingual. That would be a good thing, right?

We're calling it the Spam channel

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear on social eating mokbang - Business Insider

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My environmentally responsible deed for the day…err…week…err…well, you know…

Look. I bought an ugly carrot.

I feel so pure.

What could possibly go wrong?

Police use 'Minority Report' AI to stop crime before it happens | New York Post


Going my way?

So now, instead of butt dialing…

…you can get butt shot. Because in Apple's new iOS 10 all you have to do is swipe the lock screen to open the camera. I'm just pointing this out as a public service. 

(Of course, from what I see, this will just make life easier for a lot of people on Instagram but for, you know, the rest of us…)


Howdy kettle, I'm pot

COLIN POWELL: Donald Trump 'has no sense of shame'
Business Insider

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (R) takes part in an onstage interview with Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson (L) at the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, September 30, 2015. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst Former secretary of state Colin Powell is no fan of Donald Trump. In a slew of emails obtained by BuzzFeed News, Powell tore into the Republican presidential candidate referring to him as an "international pariah" and a "national disgrace." In one email, Powell Read the full story

The New York Times notes…

An Unplanned Absence for Hillary Clinton at an Inopportune Time
The New York Times

…H. Clinton's "dismal public standing on questions of candor." Read the full story

Buck up, Times, it'll be over soon.


And what if you live in Cinci?

If you live in the continental USA, why aren't you at Cincy Comicon this weekend? / Boing Boing



Clinton apologizes after calling half of Trump's supporters "deplorable" / Boing Boing

"American media, particularly major newspapers and television news, cultivate the false balance that's required to make insulting these people a political misstep, and the false equivalence to cast it all as a horse race between two equally undesirable nags."

De-fence, de-fence

First presidential debate could be 'bigger than the Super Bowl' | New York Post
The last Super Bowl drew 112 million viewers.

The Asia we never pivoted away from

South Korea would reduce North Korea 'to ashes' in case of attack - NY Daily News
 The pre-emptive planning coincides with South Korean lawmakers and nuclear scientists launching a think tank that is pushing to arm their country with nukes…

Hillary gets the grease

Big oil companies are backing Clinton Over Trump
Business Insider

Thomson Reuters As a general rule of thumb concerning Big Oil and heated presidential elections, the U.S. oil and gas sector routinely donates to the Republican candidates, leaving the "greener" Democratic candidates out in the cold. This year around, as far as energy money is concerned, Democrats and Republicans are changing places, largely due to their interesting candidate choices this time around: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.… Read the full story