The checkout line

Young woman, buying groceries: "…he picked out a scratch ticket for me."

Cashier, a woman about the same age: "Oh wow."

More proof

Have you ever been in traffic when some hyped up lane changer zips by, dodging in and out of traffic like a madman (mad person, sorry), trying to get somewhere fast, and then at the next red light you pull right up next to her? Well, yeah. 

Now here's more proof that all that frantic lane-swapping behavior doesn't accomplish much. Or anything at all.

Why You Shouldn't Walk on Escalators

Quick! Go to Germany, buy a second-hand sofa, and shake it

15 Years Later, Billions in Pre-Euro Currencies Remain Unredeemed - Bloomberg

More than 15 billion euros ($16 billion) of outdated banknotes and coins in the euro-area have not yet been handed in and exchanged for euros – roughly the annual cost of Latvia's imports. Just under half of the region's hidden treasures are stashed away in cash-loving Germany…

My good deed for humanity…

…is to stay indoors this afternoon, wearing sweats and warm socks.

I was outdoors this morning and it was maybe 40 and very cloudy and the wind was fierce. Now I'm here and the wind has died down and the sun is coming out but I know if go back out the weather will become terrible again.

So I'm staying indoors for my neighbors' sake. How obvious is that? I'll go out tomorrow when it's perfect.


Don't believe everything you read

There. That takes care of the fake news situation, doesn't it?

A fifth-grade teacher taught me that along time ago. She also said, always read more than one newspaper. And anything called "Facebook" doesn't count.

Of course back in the 1940's journalists weren't the pure and uncorrupted creatures we have today, so advice like that was useful. Now, post Photoshop, we ought not believe everything we see either.

The design on the Oreo is not a satanic symbol, OK? And if you think it is, you can just give me your cookie and I'll eat it.


You were worrying about wiretapping, Bunky?

The US Border Patrol is trying to build face-reading drones - The Verge

“…those facial-recognition capabilities would work well with Homeland Security’s IDENT database, which currently contains more than 170 million fingerprints and facial images collected from non-citizens as they enter the United States. The FBI’s facial-recognition checks reach even further, scanning across 411 million photos in state and federal databases."

Wiretapping is so years ago. Who uses wires anymore, in the first place? And then when you understand these guys will soon be flying over your head linking your face with your fingerprints (and why not DNA too?) in real time, well, you’d better start trying to find a new place to hide. I’m looking into tinfoil hats, myself.

The magic words behind all these handy-dandy government surveillance technologies are, of course, “venture capital.” 

"Launched in 2014, DHS’s Silicon Valley office was designed to get new technology into government hands faster by operating as a venture capital firm, following the lead of the CIA’s controversial In-Q-Tel investment arm."

Life imitates the internet. Or something.

Don’t get into this if you’re prone to panic. Stick to something more basic, like the “nuclear option."

This icon is an icon

Behold the original Mac Dogcow…


No kidding. Look at this.

U.S. weekly jobless claims post largest drop in almost two years

And wait till you see what the chief economist has to say…

"The lower jobless claims filings show the economy continues to show improvement which is important news with the long expansion expected to eventually tire somewhere down the line given its longevity," said Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG Union Bank in New York.

Sort of makes you want to stand up and cheer, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, due to my own personal longevity, I think I'll take a nap.

The good news is…

  1. There's a Spam sale at CVS.
  2. The cookies I bought, too, are pretty good.
  3. It didn't start raining really hard until I got home.
A pretty successful afternoon so far.

Also, the way this April is going, we're going to have a lot of May flowers.


Best procrastination related sign ever
Boing Boing

Nailed it. (more…) Read the full story

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If you want a pizza, a pizza is what you want

Obamacare Food Labeling Regulations Are Absurd | National Review

The sort of people who count calories and total up their daily carbs and protein and monounsaturated fats already moved beyond government-mandated food labels ages ago. As for everybody else: There is basically no evidence that food labeling actually results in consumers' making healthier choices about their food. The belief that people who are given better information will make better choices is intuitively persuasive, but it does not stand up to empirical scrutiny. In fact, a study of McDonald's customers found that those who were provided with supplemental information about recommended daily caloric intake ordered lunches with 50 calories more on average than those who were not advised of expert opinion.



Nobody said it would be easy


Why not just leave it at eight?

Over the years, various Acts of Congress have altered the number of seats on the Supreme Court, from a low of five to a high of 10. Shortly after the Civil War, the number of seats on the Court was fixed at nine.

For now. Then when the next one retires (looking at you, Ruthie) we can have seven. Think of the money we'll save. And the aggravation. 

One thing we should not do is get the Senate to discussing a "nuclear option." Trump's likely to overhear and push the button. He's the president, why shouldn't he have the fun?

You could see how he would think that, right?

Meanwhile, I say don't waste energy on stuff you can't do anything about anyway. Concentrate on stuff you can control. Or at least hope to.

Like, does anybody know where I can get some of those anti-radiation meds for my shelter?

So let's say you shake somebody's hand…

Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in ...

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Rick Perry's still got a chance!

Sorry, Democrats. Trump's not going anywhere. You wouldn't like who would follow anyway. - The Washington Post

Tribe: "Setting aside the virtually impossible scenarios I've described, what lies ahead of us, if Trump fails to serve out his term, is clear: Vice President Pence, however tainted, will become the nation's chief executive unless Pence, too, resigns or is removed from office after ascending to the presidency upon Trump's resignation, removal or displacement — in which case the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 specifies that the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) would succeed to the presidency. Following Ryan in that line of succession would be the Senate's president pro tempore (Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah), then the secretary of state (Rex Tillerson), and so on down the line of Cabinet members."


In the spirit of the Internet

> A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
> - Mark Twain

There's always somebody

No joke: Snow hits northern New England on April Fools' Day

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — It's April Fools' Day, but this is no joke: People across northern New England woke up to a foot of...

"It couldn't be on a better day, April Fools'," Tracy Neff said. "I think it's fabulous. It's beautiful, it's fun, everyone's festive."

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