You were worrying about wiretapping, Bunky?

The US Border Patrol is trying to build face-reading drones - The Verge

“…those facial-recognition capabilities would work well with Homeland Security’s IDENT database, which currently contains more than 170 million fingerprints and facial images collected from non-citizens as they enter the United States. The FBI’s facial-recognition checks reach even further, scanning across 411 million photos in state and federal databases."

Wiretapping is so years ago. Who uses wires anymore, in the first place? And then when you understand these guys will soon be flying over your head linking your face with your fingerprints (and why not DNA too?) in real time, well, you’d better start trying to find a new place to hide. I’m looking into tinfoil hats, myself.

The magic words behind all these handy-dandy government surveillance technologies are, of course, “venture capital.” 

"Launched in 2014, DHS’s Silicon Valley office was designed to get new technology into government hands faster by operating as a venture capital firm, following the lead of the CIA’s controversial In-Q-Tel investment arm."

Life imitates the internet. Or something.

Don’t get into this if you’re prone to panic. Stick to something more basic, like the “nuclear option."

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