Plane takes a dump on woman’s car | New York Post

"Still seething, Bowker raged about her crappy day…"

Decision time

I'm at the grocery store this morning; my bag is getting full. I figure I still have space for one thing before I start slogging home across the frozen tundra. One more item.

The choice is, beets or a donut?


Need a used cat?

This animal shelter is hawking cats like used cars - The Washington Post


The entirely perfect way to eat your veggies

Chicken stock. Keep some of that around, and your set. Put your veggies and some stock in a pan and cook it. Add a handful of noodles. Maybe some other stuff. Takes 15 or 20 minutes.

It helps if you get a cold, because having a cold makes chicken soup taste even better. But cold or not, you’ve got yourself a tasty meal and good 4 u.

The rescue reader

To save books, librarians create fake 'reader' to check out titles - Orlando Sentinel

"SORRENTO — Chuck Finley appears to be a voracious reader, having checked out 2,361 books at the East Lake County Library in a nine-month period this year."

No good dead, of course, goes unpunished.

If you're looking for a new hobby and happen to have an old biplane lying around…

Up In The Air With Carol Pilon, America's Last Great Wingwalker - BuzzFeed News



Go feed some peanuts to your kid

New NIH guidelines on infants and peanuts may contradict everything you’ve heard before - The Washington Post

Yeah, well, I’m just saying. You might want to read the article. Me, I grew up on peanut butter but that might not be the example you want to follow. Or maybe it is.


I lost four pounds in three days…

…and maybe I can lose another pound or two by tomorrow, just by being sick. I wonder if I can patent that technique. It's a little nuts but no loopier than some of the other stuff people do to lose weight. I  mean, what serious person walks on a treadmill? Talk about going nowhere fast. And have you ever actually tasted cabbage soup?

I wonder how much Sisyphus weighed.

The sun is out and the sidewalks are mostly free of ice so the new year is somewhat more glorious than it was on Monday, but it still has a way to go.

So if your name is George…

…you may be named after George Washington or after George Bush. Or George Bush. Like those odds?

Now You Know: Why Did Americans Start Naming Their Babies After the President? -

"While it's easy to determine the influence of unusually named presidents, who might be the only public figure with that name, it's less clear how to gauge the lingering sway of past presidential greats like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, when their first names could just as easily honor some other George or Abraham."



There's no such thing as a chicken soup sandwich

So I don't know what I'm going to do with the leftovers but chicken soup is on the menu big time, I have a cold. Also it's cold, foggy, icy, and grumpy today and I want to know who said this year was going to be better than last year anyway and is it too late to pick another one instead.



Please don't cuddle the crocs

Crocodile bites French tourist posing for photo at Thai park

"According to the Post, signs warned visitors about the crocodiles and tourists were told to keep to the nature trail."



Is this the end of civilization at ast?

Typography Wars: Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes? - The Atlantic

"The trouble with being a former typesetter is that every day online is a new adventure in torture. Take the shape of quotation marks.…"

Entertainer makes news by…what??

Lady Gaga promises to keep her clothes on at Super Bowl - NY Daily News

OK, raise your hand if you think this’ll be a trend in 2017.

I thought not.