Finally! Total dietary abuse in one glass!

This liquid burger probably has more calories than a real burger

"The Liquid Diet, a White Castle infused Bulleit Rye patty 'stirred with spicy pickle juice, a splash of tomato water, a dash of liquid smoke' that you can suck on with a bacon straw."

"I think the straw is a nice touch,” says Some Guy in Seattle.

The Presidential campaign of 1872

With a legendary war hero running against an atheist vegetarian newspaperman, you can probably imagine how things went.

Cummins, Joseph (2012-01-17). Anything for a Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots, and October Surprises in U.S. Presidential Campaigns (Kindle Location 1552). Quirk Books. Kindle Edition.

It's gonna be fun when the ACLU rides to the rescue of Fox News

FBI seizes 80,000 emails from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. in phone-hacking scandal - NY Daily News

"The FBI has seized 80,000 potentially damning emails from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., giving the media titan worries on both sides of the Atlantic in the ongoing phone hacking scandal."

Hey, they defended the Nazis in Skokie, so why not.

What is it about counting they don't understand?

Miss Florida pageant crowns the wrong queen after counting error  - NY Daily News

At least it didn’t wind up in the Supreme Court. 

Those critics are so, you know, critical

US military aid to Syria rebels: why Obama is seeking it now (+video) - CSMonitor.com

"Those critics say it makes little sense for the US to train and arm rebels fighting the government in one country (Syria) while sending military advisers right next door (Iraq) to help prop up a government that disdains its opposition. "

And who said anything about making sense?


The rise of the lamestream

After the election [of 1800], one Federalist poet decided that his party’s defeat could be blamed entirely on the media, which (in his opinion) clearly favored the Republican Party:

“And lo! In meretricious dress,
Forth comes a strumpet called ‘THE PRESS.’
Whose haggard, unrequested charms
Rush into every blaggard’s arms.”

Cummins, Joseph (2012-01-17). Anything for a Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots, and October Surprises in U.S. Presidential Campaigns (Kindle Locations 458-461). Quirk Books. Kindle Edition. 

Leveling the big lakes

High Lake Superior level prompts Soo gate opening - Chicago Sun-Times

“…recent rains have raised Lake Superior 6.3 inches above average. The level on downstream lakes Michigan and Huron is 5.5 inches below average."


Safe at last

Three teens couldn't steal car: couldn't drive a stick shift

"'I got a 5-speed in there, and they couldn't figure out how to get it going,' Fredrickson explained."


Yea! With an Internet medical degree you can do anything!

Scott Walker Supporter Charged With Major Voter Fraud Claims Amnesia

For the record

I woke up Monday morning feeling poorly, called my local VA clinic and had a consultation, a lab test, and a bottle of pills in hand within four hours. And 48 hours later, a follow-up call.

Compared to the health problems some guys have to deal with mine are miniscule. But still, for the record, I’m happy with the service I got. (And I’m back to feeling fine again.)

But aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln

Only in New York: Woman Sues MTA and Showtime Because 'Dexter' Ad Scared Her | The Daily Banter

"If you’ve taken public transit in New York City a few times, you’ve probably seen some things that disturbed or maybe even horrified you."

Oh go ahead, tell us what you really think

Dinesh D'Souza's New Documentary Clip Proves He is Full of Crap | The Daily Banter

You noticed?

John Kerry and the Same Old Song

“…the Americans seem to have this strange faith in promises written on pieces of paper."

Are we still waiting for the roses?

Iraqi Defense Official: Army Has Lost 7 Divisions; Losses at $10

"ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Since they began their blitz just over a fortnight ago, Sunni insurgents in Iraq have destroyed half of the Iraqi army and inflicted $10 billion in losses, a senior Iraqi defense official said.…

Meanwhile…Two days after US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Maliki in Baghdad to quickly form an inclusive government where the ethnic and religious populations feel empowered, the prime minister rejected the idea on state television."

More powers than an X-Men movie (and on both sides)

GOP Slams ‘Imperial’ Obama After Fewest Executive Orders In 100 Years (CHART)

"But, as the chart above shows, Obama has been downright thrifty in issuing executive orders by historical standards."

–Midwest and Elsewhere bureau


You can stop right there

Why Californians Will Soon Be Drinking Their Own Pee - CityLab

"While it’s not quite correct that every glass of water contains dinosaur pee, it is true…"

Drought in the Southwest and West, but wait

Vast Stretches of Minnesota Are Flooded as Swollen Rivers Overflow - NYTimes.com

"Minnesota was besieged on Tuesday by some of its most widespread flooding in years. Water spilled onto streets in downtown St. Paul, crops of soybeans and corn were damaged and a state of emergency was declared in 35 counties."

But do they learn to spell "exceptionalism"?

Tying Federal Aid to College Ratings - NYTimes.com

"Overall college graduation rates in America are among the lowest in the developed world.…600,000 students attend colleges where dropout rates exceed 85 percent and above… "

Pop Quiz: Is the phrase, “exceed 85 percent and above,” redundant?

What is this, Groundhog day?

Trickshot Dick Cheney doubles down on WMDs.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney predicts U.S. will face deadly, nuclear attack within decade - NY Daily News


‘Clinton’ musical will feature two actors portraying former President Bill Clinton - NY Daily News

"It takes two actors to play the 42nd commander in chief in ‘Clinton,’ a singing satire that capitalizes on the comment that ‘there’s a Sunday morning Bill and a Saturday night Bill.’”

[And no, of course this has nothing to do with 2016. What?]

Befuddled or bored?

John Kerry's picture seems to be popping up in the news a lot these days.


San Francisco says no no

San Francisco is going after apps that let people sell their public parking spots | The Verge

"In January, the Italian-based startup began offering up a way for San Francisco residents to sell public, metered spots to others. If you're in a spot and plan to leave, you can put it up for sale, and even create a virtual bidding war where potential buyers can outbid one another. The winner comes and claims their spot, and you wait to pull out."

And my guess is, this guy knows

Kerry's message of unity may be a tough sell to Iraq's Kurds - CSMonitor.com

"‘We are facing a new reality and a new Iraq,’ Mahsoud Barzani, president of the Kurdish government, told Kerry today."

But would you hang a banana slice over your mantel?

The Tiny Landscapes This Artist Paints On Snacks Are Just Too Good To Eat

[H/T Some Guy in Seattle]


What is this World Cup of which you speak?

The Day America Fell in Love with the World Cup : The New Yorker

"I didn’t bother explaining that the World Cup is like that: it builds you up and lets you down, warping your judgment. Now that America has finally embraced this quadrennial exercise in fanatical but largely peaceful nationalism, our kids and their friends will have plenty of chances to experience it for themselves…"

A guy wins the game by bouncing a all off his head?


This is just getting monotonous

Iraqi military facing ‘psychological collapse’ after losses, desertions - The Washington Post

"In recent weeks, ISIS has seized hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of military equipment from the Iraqi army, much of which has been smuggled back across the border to Syria, according to Iraqi officials.…

Much of that equipment came from the United States."

Got nothing better to do? Neither do they

African River Wildlife Camera - Live Cams - explore


Hard times in a hard place

Philipp Meyer’s novel, American Rust, about destiny and desperation in the 21st Century Monongahela Valley of Pennsylvania, has received rave reviews from critics, many of whom see echoes of Steinbeck in Meyer’s work. I’m not so sure about the Steinbeck comparison—I’d lean more toward Faulkner if leaning were required, but Meyer can well stand up for himself. Here’s a book worth reading with some care, by an author we’d like to hear more from.

"Send these, the homeless, tempest tost…"

Biden: 'Vast Majority' of Recent Immigrants 'Will Be Going Home' | The Weekly Standard

Because learning chemistry is just like curling

Make Schools Like the Olympics | Pennsylvania Avenue | Beltway Insiders

"The Winter Olympics prove again (as if proof were needed) that competition makes athletes strive to go faster, jump higher and become more agile.…

"So, why not apply competition to education?"

(Or you could just become a newspaper columnist and skip the whole thing.)

Work avoidance comes to Washington (wait, did I just write that?)

Brigid Schulte to Capitol Hill: Work Fewer Hours´

"‘These are people who are creating our [national] policies,’ she says. ‘If more people on Capitol Hill got sleep, think of what that would mean.’


Is it any cheaper if you do the chopping yourself?

Sources: NBC not concerned about Chelsea Clinton’s alleged ‘overpriced’ salary | Fox News

"LOS ANGELES –  Chelsea Clinton’s contract as an NBC ‘special correspondent’ has come under intense public questioning given that she hasn’t been featured on-air since January despite being on a $600,000 annual salary deal, as reported by Politico.

"…‘The company thought it was worth it, the money loss is chopped liver to them."

Yeah, you can't have politics with out lies

National anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List challenges Ohio ban on campaign lies | Fox News

"CINCINNATI –  A national anti-abortion group wants a federal court to block an Ohio law barring people from recklessly making false statements about candidates seeking elective office.

“…The motion says the statute violates free speech rights and 'chills core political speech.'"

(Emphasis mine.)