Just say no—or better yet, hang up

Whatever you do, don’t say yes when this chatbot asks, 'Can you hear me?' - LA Times


It's a health care miracle

The U.S. may not have the very best health care in the world but it’s pretty darn good. Think, for example, of John McCain.

Nine years ago or so McCain was a senile old man, barely able to remember his own name, wandering around singing ditties about bombing Iran. Remember that? But now look. He’s totally cured and a veritable Hero of Democracy.

Welcome  back, Big John.

Biden: 'McCain is right: Need select committee' for Russia

Democrats and some Republicans, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), have called for an independent investigation into Russia's attempt to influence the election in President Trump's favor, including potential ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow. –The Hill


This is way more about frogs than I really want to know

Rare California frogs of Mark Twain lore are having sex again, to the delight of wildlife researchers
The Washington Post

"This could be the start of a comeback," one researcher said. Read the full story

Some things don't change

"This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. "

Will Rogers

Imagine our joy

Koch brothers condemn President Trump's controversial travel ban - NY Daily News

"The reason we're optimistic ... is really Mike Pence," said Doug Deason, a prominent Trump supporter and major Koch donor. "If you think Cheney had power in Bush White House, just watch and see what happens with Mike Pence."


Let's hear it for the little guys

From Reuters News:

Scientists launch campaign to restore Pluto to the planet club

"A team of scientists seeking to restore Pluto to planethood launched a campaign on Tuesday to broaden the astronomical classifications which led to its demotion to a "dwarf planet" a decade ago."


The Mexicans did it!

Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey found in possession of international media member

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Houston Police Major Offenders Divison (I kid you not). Tom Brady’s shirts from not only Super Bowl 51 but also 49 were found in the lair of not only a Mexican media member but a Mexican member of the international media. We tried to warn you about this kind of thing but you just wouldn’t listen, would you.

"Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive come from this experience,” Brady says. 

We can only imagine.

Now you really can turn green with envy

Or orange, maybe. Or even puce. 


Read the full story



I don't know how much of this stuff you have to boil down to make maple syrup, but my best guess would be lots and lots. We're finding out. The neighbor has tapped two trees–this one and another one over there–and as you can see, the sap is dripping out. Will he get enough for a pancake? Time will tell.


Here's something we haven't heard much about recently

Panama Papers probe wins a Scripps Howard award | Center for Public Integrity

Lots of awards, not much action, seems like.

Whoa! This might be the scariest news yet

USAGov is on Instagram. How long before The Donald finds out about that?


I need to find something to #Boycott

Everybody’s doing it.

[WARNING: GUV : Generally Unsuited for Viewing]

Here's some work that…works

Great Big Story : A Fold Apart: Origamist Robert Lang's Incredible Paper Creations

"Lang left his job in order to pursue a passion he's had since childhood: origami. In the origami world, Lang is now a legend, and it's not just his eye-catching, intricate designs that have taken the craft by storm. "


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