One of us could start over, at least

I don’t mean to be all grumpy or anything but…

National Hugging Day has been held annually on Jan. 21 since 1986

Camo for the modern age

"What I can't predict is who will find these threatening or interesting."

Don't worry, Bunky, it's still OK to laugh

Overseas, Some React With Alarm to Trump's 'America First' Pledge

And in Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May said that she would tell a skeptical Mr. Trump how important NATO and the European Union are for European and world stability.

What? No applause?

Passengers scream as Florida alligator leaps into airboat



For the old-timers



Will Donald and Melania dance? Plus, five other big inauguration questions. - The Washington Post


Imagine our surprise

Julian Assange won't surrender to US after all | New York Post



This is just creepy, right?

These GPS jeans vibrate directions to their users | New York Post


When you really, really, really don't have anything to do…

google sheep view


Things we are NOT talking about today

1. Snow. (We dodged a bullet last night and we are certainly not going to say that out loud.)


2. Pfc. Manning


3. Doughnuts

New to our Work Avoidance Hall of Fame

Pixel Dust - Paint with pixels that turn to dust


Sure, why not, I wasn't using it anyway

Boat Angel Donations | Charity Boat Donations | Donate Used Boat Now and Buy

"Whether it is a speedboat, sailboat, schooner, yacht, canoe, dinghy dory, johnboat, paddleboat, skiff, motorboat, houseboat, tug, shrimper, whaler etc. there is no better charity to give your watercraft to. 

Dude, who has an old whaler lying around? For that matter, where are the old whales?


One more thing not to like about 2016

TSA finds record 3,391 guns at checkpoints in 2016


I’ve been spending a lot of time this month…

…reading a book about the fifties called, fairly enough, The Fifties, by David Halberstam. Turns out, all the stuff I thought was boring about the fifties during the fifties still is. Maybe if you're going to read long, detailed historical accounts of ancient times you'd be better off reading about ancient times more ancient than yourself. Just a thought.

Anyway, I'm not planning to finish it, but if you're interested, there's the link up there.

When you run out of news to print there's always Belichick

Bill Belichick doesn't care what the Steelers do on 'InstantChat' - NY Daily News


So hey, let's just stand here and take a picture, kids

This giant alligator is downright terrifying | New York Post

"Visitors to the nature center can be seen capturing the unusual spectacle."

But what if they're Russian squirrels, did you ever think of that?

Who’s winning the cyber war? The squirrels, of course | Ars Technica

Screen Shot 2017 01 16 at 3 24 57 PM 300x376


Pop Quiz: Guess which magenta circle I live inside

Ice sighted (and also sited) in Texas

Gotta love those words.

What's the Difference between a Commonwealth and a State? | Merriam-Webster


Canadians cheat politely at least, don't they?

Ethics watchdog investigating Canadian PM's vacation

"Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson said Trudeau may have violated the federal ethics code during his holiday with the Aga Khan…"

Imagine being on the waiting list for this one

Library book returned 100 years overdue has perfect title - CNET

The short-story collection returned to the San Francisco Public Library on Friday was due in 1917, but its very name implies that it wasn't going to get returned on time. The book, by F. Hopkinton Smith, is called "Forty Minutes Late."