Alaskan Anne Kilkenny weighs in on Palin


•“Hockey mom”: true for a few years

•“PTA mom”: true years ago when her first-born was in elementary school, not since

•“NRA supporter”: absolutely true

•social conservative: mixed. Opposes gay marriage, BUT vetoed a bill that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships (said she did this because it was unconsitutional).

•pro-creationism: mixed. Supports it, BUT did nothing as Governor to promote it.

•“Pro-life”: mixed. Knowingly gave birth to a Down’s syndrome baby BUT declined to call a special legislative session on some pro-life legislation

•“Experienced”: Some high schools have more students than Wasilla has residents. Many cities have more residents than the state of Alaska. No legislative experience other than City Council. Little hands-on supervisory or managerial experience; needed help of a city administrator to run town of about 5,000.

•political maverick: not at all

•gutsy: absolutely!

•open & transparent: ??? Good at keeping secrets. Not good at explaining actions.

•has a developed philosophy of public policy: no

•”a Greenie”: no. Turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots. Is pro-drilling off-shore and in ANWR.

•fiscal conservative: not by my definition!

•pro-infrastructure: No. Promoted a sports complex and park in a city without a sewage treatment plant or storm drainage system. Built streets to early 20th century standards.

•pro-tax relief: Lowered taxes for businesses, increased tax burden on residents

•pro-small government: No. Oversaw greatest expansion of city government in Wasilla’s history.

•pro-labor/pro-union. No. Just because her husband works union doesn’t make her pro-labor. I have seen nothing to support any claim that she is pro-labor/pro-union.

[From About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny | John McCain]

And much more - at the link above or from Snopes, which gives the letter "True" status.

And thanks to our Midwest Bureau for being the first to pick this up.

At the fair

At the fair, originally uploaded by tedcompton.


County Fair time again

County Fair time again, originally uploaded by tedcompton.


About that new kind of politics

Is the U.S. fighting "a war on terror,'' as Bush likes to call it?

"Absolutely,'' Obama tells O'Reilly.

Who are the enemies of the U.S.?

"Al Qaeda, the Taliban, a whole host of networks that are bent on attacking America who have a distorted ideology who have perverted the faith of Islam,'' Obama replies, "and so we have to go after them."

On the question of military action against Iran: "It is unacceptable for Iran to possess a nuclear weapon; it would be a game changer...

"I would never take military action off the table."

[From Obama: Iraq surge 'beyond dreams': The Swamp]

A freakin' mazing

Palin casts herself as Washington outsider

[From The Associated Press: Palin casts herself as Washington outsider]

I saw that headline on the local rag this afternoon - turns out it's ripped straight from the AP story (nice work, guys!).

I didn't hear the speech myself so tell me, exactly how much casting did she need to do? Palin is just barely from inside the US, let alone inside Washington, DC. (I allow the possibility they were referring to Washington, State of, but she's actually a pretty far piece outside that too.)

The Palin nomination has reduced the media - mainstream and otherwise - to gibbering.

I actually read on a well-known (and heretofore, by me, at least, respected) lefty blog this morning accusing - yes, accusing, Bunky - Palin of delivering a "highly scripted speech." Holy freakout, Batman! Anybody who'd stand up before a convention of that import, on worldwide TV, and deliver a speech not highly scripted would have pudding between his ears. Or her ears. As the case may be. I'm just saying here. What was she supposed to do, wing it?

The lefty blogs, speaking of lefty blogs, seem to have just plain melted down. The volume of gossip, rumor, innuendo, and what-can-you-call-it-but slime being hurled about in those "netroots" precincts is astounding. Who knew all this time they were understudying "Little Green Footballs?" I'm amazed.

Look. I'm not likely to vote for McCain-Palin in a week of Sundays - the question is only, will I vote for the D's?

Maybe, I'm beginning to think, not.

I suppose I might fit in there somewhere

Traveling across the country in the band's 1961 vintage tour bus, Donna The Buffalo has developed a fervent following. Dubbed "The Herd," the band's inspired fan base includes young adults, families, children and people of all ages.

[From Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Massachusetts]

Probably under "people of all ages," but never mind. This is County Fair weekend in Franklin County, MA, and "Donna the Buffalo" is the headline musical group, seems like. I figure I'll go to the fair tomorrow; if I see Donna I'll say hello.


Why are Democrats such wimps?

The D's who fell all over themselves to dump Wesley Clark ought to be locked in a room and made to listen to an infinite loop of this line:

Now, being a POW certainly doesn't qualify anyone to be President...

[From Read Fred Thompson's Convention Speech - KOIN.com ]

When Clark said it the R's shouted boo and the D's caved before the echo died away.

Google's Chrome: Nifty new browser

A beta version is available here:

Google Chrome
Slick, quick, and easy - it's definitely worth a try.


But they were Democratic deferments so it's not the same

DOVER, Del. (AP) _ Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War, the same number of deferments received by Vice President Dick Cheney, and later was disqualified from service because of asthma as a teenager. ...

In "Promises to Keep," a memoir that was published last year and became an instant best-seller after he was tapped as Obama's running mate, Biden never mentions his asthma, recounting an active childhood, work as a lifeguard and football exploits in high school.

[From Biden received 5 deferments before being declared medically ineligible for Vietnam -- Courant.com]


This time, they'll have to beat the politicians off with sticks

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, are traveling to Mississippi on Sunday to check on people getting prepared for Hurricane Gustav.

[From East Valley Tribune | Daily Arizona News for Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale]