In Massachusetts?

It's a tricycle. Pedals. No heater. Cute, but not too useful.


PS You have to have cell service to get this "free" internet

Facebook Wants to Bring "Free" Internet to the U.S.

Vanity Fair

…users would have free access to a limited set of online resources, without their data plans taking a hit.

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These super-rich guys want to own democracy

How 10 mega-donors already helped pour a record $1.1 billion into super PACs
The Washington Post

Big-money groups are playing an unprecedented role in the 2016 elections. 

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Cal Thomas is not my favorite guy but this is a pretty interesting piece

Opinion: Cal Thomas: The New York Times used loopholes to avoid paying taxes, too

Fox News

What would you think of an individual or a company that earned a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in one year, paid nothing in taxes and still received a $3.5 million refund?

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Us? Never!

Tech Giants Deny Building Spying Tools Like Yahoo Reportedly Did

Vanity Fair

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple all denied that they've cooperated with the government with such a request, adding that if they were asked, they would have challenged it. "We have never received a request of this type. If we were to receive one, we would oppose it in court," an Apple spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

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But it was only going one way, wasn't it!

Uber oopsie: Self-driving car spotted going wrong way down one-way street

Fox News

Uber's human drivers have started ratting on their robot colleagues in Pittsburgh. 

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OK, sorry. That's a dad joke, I guess. But seriously, who could resist?


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But then Hillary explained it to me and now…

Bill Clinton: I "support" Obamacare

I get two :-) from my electric company

This'll get those pesky millennials turned on

Al Gore heading out to stump for Hillary Clinton - NY Daily News


We are having a bake sale for Trump

Donald Trump's Net Worth Is Down $800 Million: Bad News For Republican Candidate's Business Acumen
Inquisitr News

The poor guy's down to his last $4 billion now.

Bubba comes out swinging for…wait, who?

Bill Clinton's death spiral?
The Washington Times

Political pundits have floated a theory around throughout the general election that Donald Trump could melt into a death spiral if he sees the national and state polls turn too much against him. Perhaps, that same line of thinking should be applied to former President Bill Clinton. 

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No end to the good news

Aleppo will eventually fall, but Syrian war will go on

Reuters People dig in the rubble in an ongoing search for survivors at a site hit previously by an airstrike in the rebel-held Tariq al-Bab neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, September 26, 2016.

Good news: Irony is not dead after all

The unusual, unexpected, strange, weird and now bizarre presidential election - The Washington Post from Washington Post's Tweet

Trump and Vladimir Putin have the same modus operandi when presented with evidence of their misdeeds: lie and deny.


A Winner Either Way

Got this communiqué from Some Guy in Seattle…

Read this article about Trump’s taxes and found these three sentences: "Trump can write off the interest he pays on his debt and depreciate his properties. This is using a legitimate tax break that allows for the declining value of an asset over time. That’s allowed even though the assets are often growing in value.” Made me wonder who wrote that tax law. A realtor maybe?
The real culprits in this Trump tax story are the generations of Congresscritters who've created such a mess. IMO. 

Some pols like to talk about filing tax returns on postcards but I like to think of writing tax law on a postcard. To wit:

If you made x dollars you owe us y dollars, where y is defined by the following formula:
(Don't worry, we have a computer. We can check your math in a nanosecond or two.)

Of course this approach would put a lot of tax accountants out of business so we wouldn't want it to happen for another few years. But then…

Euphemism implodes

 In the Season 4 finale, Danny and Mindy slept together while they were trapped in an elevator. 


Donald Trump makes America together again

Chertoff to vote for Clinton over 'hysterical' Trump - POLITICO

Kumbaya! Suddenly all those guys liberals used to liberally freak out at are Pals of Hillary—like the cadaverous Michael Chertoff, looking pretty spry in the picture (see link). And Bushes! Papa Bush, Mama Bush, and how many little Bushlings?…why not just have a Clinton/Bush ticket and get it over with?

Nostalgia squared.

Here's a blog…

BradBlog…that's been warning against insecure voting machines for a decade or so (like, here); nobody seems to pay attention. We used to yap about it here back then too, but we are more easily discouraged and so we quit. Fortunately we have the Russians back to remind us.

Is this the most horrifying thing I've ever seen?


Children, get a grip. This is just plain going too far.

Let's build a wall

US cities increasingly dealing with messy goose poop problem

BOSTON (AP) - Canada geese are loud, aggressive and annoying, but worst of all they poop everywhere - a messy problem vexing ...

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Hillary's got plans for everything

Clinton expected to hit Wells Fargo in speech on 'bad corporate actors'


U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday will unveil a plan to make it easier for consumers to take legal action against "bad corporate actors," citing Wells Fargo & Co and Mylan Pharmaceuticals, according to a campaign official. Read the full storyeverything. But 99% of them (OK, that's just a guess – it might be more) require getting Congress to do something.

Everything. But 99% of them (OK, that's just a guess – it might be more) require getting Congress to do something.

And what do you think the odds of that are?

(Hint: Less.)

What if it's actually not over by November 9?

Election Update: The Craziest End To The 2016 Campaign Runs Through New Mexico

It's not far-fetched to think the Electoral College would be close enough that New Mexico would make the difference, and it's not totally crazy to think that Johnson could win his home state. But for both to occur together is quite a parlay.

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Please make it stop.