What, you wanted a roof too?

Billions of dollars of steel, glass and metal were no match for Mother Nature on Friday afternoon, when rain poured through the roof at the Oculus train station like a "shower overhead," sending drenched commuters slipping and sliding for the door.

Nice picture there, Daily News

Democrats aghast over DHS chief John Kelly's deportation tactics - NY Daily News



The hot new trend in food is literal garbage

The Washington Post

"Ugly-fruit jam and state-bread beer are big business…

"According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans threw away 38 million tons of food in 2014 alone — much of it unbought, unmarketable or unharvested food that was still perfectly edible."

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And that's not all

Scientists and chefs agree: It's time to start eating bugs | New York Post

"Looking to whip up a unique cocktail? Adding ants to a gin and tonic adds a citrus-y kick to your drink."

And it's not covered by Trumpcare

What is Exploding Head Syndrome and how to tell if you have it - NY Daily News

"Some people have claimed that the origin of the disorder comes from government officials pointing directed energy weapons at them…"

Karma is a bitch

Russia says US coalition banned from Syria "de-escalation zones" under no-fly deal with Iran and Turkey - CBS News


In Chicago, pigs will fly

"Flying Pigs" installation will block Trump sign in Chicago - Archpaper.com

The helium-filled balloons will then be floated, single file, from a construction barge in the Chicago River at just such a height to obscure the 20-foot-by-141-foot Trump sign. The single day installation is expected to be launched in late August or early September.



We need to organize a bake sale to buy the State Department a printer

Huma Abedin had Anthony Weiner print classified emails for Hillary Clinton, James Comey says.


Just when I thought there was nothing more to worry about

The 'new page' tab in Chrome is not symmetrical... and now I hate Google

"Once you see it, you can never unsee it.…"

But believe us, it has nothing to do with the amount of money that's pouring in

Why Do Americans Smile So Much?

The Atlantic

How immigration and cultural values affect what people do with their faces 

"For a study published last year, researchers compared the official photos of American and Chinese business and government leaders. After coding them according to their levels of "facial muscle movement," they found that American leaders in all contexts were both more likely to smile and showed more "excited" smiles than the Chinese leaders did."

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It seems we might have saved a little ink here

I applied for a re-up of my state ID this morning and got a printed temporary Identification Card on which is printed, in big bold letters…

This card was issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts solely for the purpose of establishing identification of the bearer.

followed by…