Oh yeah

Babe, I've got this 50s rock stream going on Pandora radio that's just so good it's unreal, I mean it too. It's Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats and Chubby and - wait! whoa! Patsy Cline - and Bill Haley and Little Richard and Big Joe, that's Big Joe Turner, darlin', I'm just saying here. And some early Beatles, sure. And...what? Who? Elvis? OK, but not too much.

And that, kid, is rock 'n roll.

Gotta love it

I stopped in at the local ice cream emporium on the way home from the bank for a quick scoop - menu above. And no, mine was Dutch Orange Choc. I didn't even ask about the geeks (eeeww). But here's something for you to ponder on, Bunky: I heard several people remark on the menu while I was waiting in line and every single one of them said "three geeks and a redhead," whaddya think of that?

Anyway, the point is, while I was there I knocked down a chapter of Wells's "The Time Machine" using this really cool app right here, Stanza, on my iPhone (works on an iPod Touch too) and it works like a charm. Amazingly (to me) easy to read, given the small screen. There's a desktop app too (note the link) - free now, $15 when it gets out of beta, they say - reads all sorts of public domain books, hundreds and hundreds of them, plus stuff you may want to put in there yourself (reports, papers, whatever, I don't know). But the real payoff, of course, is in the pocket. I usually have an audiobook handy but hey, you can't have too many books when you get stuck waiting in a line. Stanza saves your place for you so you just pop it open and read, how cool is that?

Midwest Bureau, not so midwest, visits Yellowstone

(Photo: Phil Compton)

Take a memo

If you're going to get caught cheating on your wife don't do it in August; you'll be screwed. (Umm, sorry...) Congress is on vacation, the campaigns haven't started yet in earnest, the Series is still a long way off and the football season hasn't started. August is a slow news month. Or, in other words, Bunky, all the news is you.

Hold everything! The soccer team is on the track!

Again. We'll never get anywhere this way. Can't they read the signs?

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Back on Track

[From United States 1, Japan 0 - U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Back on Track - NYTimes.com]

Is the US team made up entirely of British schoolboys? Why else would they dress that way? Or is it just that I still don't belong to the right country club.


It's a miracle!

HuffPo reports:

Clay Aiken Has A Baby

[From Parker Foster Aiken: Clay Aiken Has A Baby]

Not that everybody doesn't want to

Hardly anyone OPINES anymore. . .

[From CLICHE CHALLENGE: How various clichés of the media and the establishment are faring ]

World's top buzzword: Blog.

Follow the link above, read more.

A YAME News Flash

Nigerian Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has advised other men not to follow his example and marry 86 women.

[From BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigerian advises against 86 wives]

Hope that's not too late.

Am I losing it here...

... or is this 8/8/08? OK, no need to answer the question. Really. But it is 8/8/08, I think. Which isn't perfect, exactly, but close.

Don't ask me

Know-nothingism — the insistence that there are simple, brute-force, instant-gratification answers to every problem, and that there’s something effeminate and weak about anyone who suggests otherwise — has become the core of Republican policy and political strategy. The party’s de facto slogan has become: “Real men don’t think things through.”

[From Op-Ed Columnist - Know-Nothing Politics - Op-Ed - NYTimes.com]

Go read the column.

All right!

Any day that black shirt gets through the laundry with all its buttons still in place is a good day, I'm just saying. And it's not sunny, of course, but at least it's a lighter shade of gray.


Flap up

Flap up, originally uploaded by tedcompton.

On the awesomeness of China's awesome awesomeness

Like it or not, you are about to be awed by China's sheer awesomeness.

The games have been billed as China's "coming out party" to the world. They are far more significant than that. These Olympics are the coming out party for a disturbingly efficient way of organizing society, one that China has perfected over the past three decades, and is finally ready to show off. It is a potent hybrid of the most powerful political tools of authoritarianism communism -- central planning, merciless repression, constant surveillance -- harnessed to advance the goals of global capitalism. Some call it "authoritarian capitalism," others "market Stalinism," personally I prefer "McCommunism."

[From Naomi Klein: The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0]

"Beijing George" AWOL

"Today, in his final term, the wildly unpopular President George W. Bush boarded Air Force One bound for the Beijing Olympics and a meeting with his chum Hu Jintao, the dapper ruler of a nuclear armed, communist dictatorship. ... Perhaps our Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief will bring our absent Democrat Congress some 'Made in (communist) China' souvenir t-shirts: 'Bush went to Beijing and all I got was this lousy five week, paid vacation.'"

[From The Raw Story | GOP chair: 'Beijing George' threw us under the bus]

So says Republican House Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), bitching about the goofus's lack of support for the R's big congressional moment protesting in favor of offshore drilling while D's loll in the overheated hinterlands, vacationing.

I wouldn't mind one of those T-shirts myself. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a five-week paid vacation either.

Take a note, Bunky: Rights are only rights if they're safe

DENVER (Reuters) - Protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Denver can be restricted to fenced-in areas, federal judge ruled on Wednesday, saying that security needs outweighed curbs on their rights.

[From The Raw Story | Judge OKs 'free speech zones' at upcoming Democratic National Convention]

Would be sort of a problem with electric cars

Some 8,000 Commonwealth Edison customers remained without power early Thursday morning after powerful storms battered the Chicago area earlier this week. ...

A total of 556,000 customers lost power as a result of Monday's thunderstorms.

[From ComEd: 8,000 customers remain without power from Monday's storms -- chicagotribune.com]

You read stuff like this after almost any bad weather, don't you? Rain, snow, sleet, high winds; power lines get knocked down, transformers blow. And they're seriously talking about electric cars? Hey, bring 'em home, plug 'em in? Bunky, the power grid we've got has trouble with light bulbs. It ain't gonna do no better with cars.

Maybe you'd better keep that old mule.



So they've convicted Bin Laden's driver of being a war criminal? Dude, if that's the best we can do after seven freakin' years it's way, way, way past time to call it quits.

During the trial, a U.S. soldier who was present when Hamdan was captured originally said Hamdan was driving a car that had SA-7 surface-to-air missiles intended for al Qaeda. But on cross-examination, the soldier, identified only as Maj. Smith, said he could not be sure Hamdan was the driver of one of the three vehicles carrying the missiles. ...

"We're pleased that Salim Hamdan received a fair trial," White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto said. "We look forward to other cases moving forward to trial."

[From Bin Laden's former driver guilty in terror trial - CNN.com]

Right, right. Preserve us from Republican fair trials.


Today went into freefall right from the start. And what's with this weather, dude. Dark, humid, blah. Nothing but more of the same until Sunday, forecast looks like. Promises, promises.

Later: Well, OK, that's part of it. Forgot to read Doonsbury. So, better now. A little, anyway. 

"Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal ..."

Some headlines, the AP reconfirms, just write themselves.

WASHINGTON - Attention, America: Paris has spoken. Paris Hilton, the blonde, doe-eyed celebrity thrust into the presidential campaign in an ad by Republican candidate John McCain, issued a tart rebuttal Tuesday, albeit in a scantily clad, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

[From Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal to McCain ad - Yahoo! News]

On a roll, the AP photo caption identifies Hilton as an U.S. actress and model.

It's gonna be a long, long day.


Bikers! Babes! Mown hay! Eeeeek!

I am at the event. I am choking on nitro, mown hay, chopper dust and pot.

[From Mayhill Fowler: Rolling With McCain In South Dakota]

Wait. Mown hay? And nitro? What nitro?

Oh well. No matter. McCain is icky. I get the point.

Not one freakin' red cent

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a temporary, one-cent increase in the state sales tax along with long-term budget reforms in an effort to break the stalemate in budget negotiations that have been stalled for more than a month, legislative sources close to the talks said Monday. ...

Lawmakers reacted to the governor's proposal along party lines. Democrats said they were encouraged by it, while Republicans said they cannot support the tax increase.

[From Governor proposes one-cent sales tax increase]

Republicans. Of course. Hey, pay an extra penny, might wind up benefitting one of, you know, those people. What's new?

Some are born jerks, some achieve jerkitude ...

A Buckeye is a nut

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman has sent Michigan transportation officials a bill for the $16 she says she wasted on gasoline sitting in construction zone traffic.

[From Mobile News Network]

Dispatch from Dakota

From our Midwest Bureau:

Thought you might find this one interesting. It's taken from the sculptor's studio. The silhouette on the right is the model from which the measurements were taken for the carving on the mountain. So this is George, and George...

(Photo: Phil Compton)

Those self-deluded Afghans

Virtually no one in the United States or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) calls for negotiating with the Taliban. Even the New York Times editorializes that those who want to talk “have deluded themselves.”

But ...

A recent poll of Afghan sentiment found that, while the majority dislikes the Taliban, 74% want negotiations and 54% would support a coalition government that included the Taliban.

[From Foreign Policy In Focus | Afghanistan: Not a Good War]

Which is worse?

This just in: The New York Post reports that fading supermodel Tyra Banks is going to play dress-up and undergo an actual makeover to dress up to look just like the real rising political wife Michelle Obama.

[From Tyra Banks to play Michelle Obama on paper | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times]

To be a fading supermodel or to actually write the actual phrase "actual makeover"? Is there any other kind? Outside of Second Life, I mean. (And no. I don't. It's not my thing.)

OK. Look. Bunky. I know. I don't put much effort into the writing around here myself. But, really. "Actual makeover"?

Isn't "makeover," all by itself, bad enough?


House Republicans revolting...

... oh. wait. you thought that was it, right? LOL! No, bunky, it's continued. It's "House Republicans revolting over oil.

"What heartens me as I hear the speeches of the men and women gathered around me is that I know in my heart we are speaking and giving voice to the will of the overwhelming majority of the American people who want this Congress to return to Washington, D.C., and give the American people more access to American oil," said Rep. Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican.

[From House Republicans revolting over oil: The Swamp]

Shhh. Listen. Can you hear the violins? Don't they sound grand?

Pelosi says, though, she wants debate - which means a campaign issue, it being that time of year again. Which means you're not likely to see drill rigs on your beach yet this year. Not to worry, just calm down.

Come to think of it, can't we generate electricity from hot air? That's something we won't run out of soon.


Quack, originally uploaded by tedcompton.

When you really, really know you have way too much time on your hands.

3)"Continuity: The Joker's hair length changes dramatically throughout the film. It is noticeably shorter in the police interrogation scene than in the rest of the film."

[From Sharp-eyed film fans spot Bat bloopers -- chicagotribune.com]

Obama gets help from Paris Hilton's mom, woohoo!

One recent commercial dismisses Obama as a mere celebrity — like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. The reference did not please Paris Hilton's mom.

[From Paris Hilton's Mom Rips McCain Ad : NPR]

Please, please, please make it stop.


Twitter, Toodledo, and Jott

Waaaay too much geeky stuff. My head hurts.

See here's my problem with all these lists and systems and such. I don't know if I'm gonna like them until I use them for a while and then they're, well, used, and if something that looks better comes along stuff needs to get moved and re-organized and learned or unlearned, iyswim. Which is a drag.

The bridge

The bridge, originally uploaded by tedcompton.

Canal Street

Canal Street, originally uploaded by tedcompton.