I'm going to start a cargo cult

Take all the dead phones (and a modem) out front and build a big bonfire in front of them, and I will wear a hard hat and a tool belt and paint a big red V on my chest (yes, savor the image) and be the high priest, and we will perform bizarre, unspeakable rituals to call the V-man back and then all the phones will come back to life and speak to us, and beep; they will rise from the dead.

I might even pass my hat around and ask for donations. That might help. You never know.


Has Verizon vanished?

A week and still no phone lines.

Somewhere, Ma Bell weeps.



Now the problem will be...

...staying awake in all this warmness.

No network yet but mostly, things are working.


After absentmindedly flicking light switches all week...

...it turns out the only light in the house that came on is in the kitchen. It's 2:45 AM and the truck just drove away. I'm going to leave the kitchen light on the rest of the night just to celebrate. The radiators aren't hot yet but it already feels warmer. Tonight is the sixth night since the power went out.

Next, net.



Party's over

We've had a mild (50-ish) week but it's supposed to start getting colder tomorrow.

Officials say the power company is "working around the clock" but I have yet to see a power company crew working at any time of day or night anywhere around here. I did see one phone company guy at work a couple of blocks away, and a cable truck driving around.

Maybe tomorrow. Who knows?


Chasing the wild amp

They're there, you just have to hunt them down.



iPhone abstract: Phil Compton


Nice, huh?

First time all week I've left the house without a charger cable and I'm sitting right next to an outlet at Wendy's. Who knew?

We're thinking this might be the last cold night. Or not.


Open the window, Bunky...

...it's warmer outside than in.


Hot shower!

Good for another 3,000 miles.


Whoever wrote it's always darkest just before the dawn...

...must have lived in a warm climate. It's always coldest

A passing construction worker said the plan is to have everyone in town back on power by the end of the day tomorrow. But they have to start somewhere, right?

We actually saw a power company truck yesterday but it wa just a scout. 

AT&T wireless service has been atrocious. I go to McDonald's for breakfast and Wi-Fi. I carry a charging cable everywhere I go. 



Send amps

I carry a power adapter everywhere I go. No unused outlet is safe. Thermodynamics is kicking in a - we lose heat more slowly as we approach absolute zero. This morning's indoor temp 45° - only three degrees lost overnight. I am starting to have dreams about hot coffee.

Maybe a little sun today.