Good robot

Stanford Parking Ticket Lawyer Robot: Full Story

Not only does it fight parking tickets, but it does so for free. And not only does it fight parking tickets for free, but it actually wins! It's been so effective that BBC anointed  Browder "The Robin Hood of the Internet".

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Hey, maybe this is the solution to global warming

Companies flood Earth's orbit with satellites
The race is on to satisfy the ravenous appetite for broadband communications.

In the past five years, the number of operational satellites has jumped 40 percent, and nearly 1,400 now orbit the Earth. Industry officials say that number could more than double in five years as a revolution in technology has made satellites smaller and more affordable.


Even if each one of these things reflects just a little light, after a while…

Peak irony reaches even higher

One of the leaked DNC emails mocks a BuzzFeed report that suggested both the DNC and RNC had weak cybersecurity. 

The Hill (blog) The subject also includes the headline to the BuzzFeed story, "These Experts Think the DNC and RNC are Both Horrible at Cybersecurity". "The thesis: we hand out thumb drives at events, which could infect the reporters/attendees' computers. So that ...

Perhaps the single most useless fact ever

My weather app says it's 86° out there but feels like 87.


Inside the house it's only 81 and shady with a little breeze now and then, so not too bad. I don't use air conditioning. When you're hot you're hot, is what I say.

Third world problems

IS attack on Afghan protest kills 61 people, wounds 207

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - At least 61 people were killed and another 207 wounded in the Afghan capital on Saturday...

The marchers were demanding that a major regional electric power line be routed through their impoverished home province

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If that were here, the people would be protesting against the power line. We are against everything here—most recently, a natural gas pipeline which will not be built due to public protest. We are also against nukes, of course, so we are back to burning oil for heat and coal for electric power. Saving the planet…ya think?


The Republicans may be worse, I don't know, but…

The Verge The week before Hillary Clinton is expected to become the Democratic presidential candidate, WikiLeaks has published over 19,000 emails it says come from seven top Democratic National Committee figures.

…clearly these guys, the Democrats, should not be put in charge of running the country or, for that matter, anything else.

If they can't keep their donor information confidential, what can they be trusted with?

Wrong party but good point

Hidden women

Hidden Women: The Art of WWI Camouflage (Photos) | The Unwritten Record from US National Archives's Tweet
In New York City, a group of female art students joined the National League for Women's Service and trained to serve in the Camouflage Department of the United States Navy.

Our homemaking tip for today

Do not put your pots and pans away in the dark.

I was looking for my large frying pan this morning to cook up some potatoes and onions for breakfast (good!*). When I found it, its  bottom was coated with some kind of greasy gunk—didn't get washed before put away. Eww.

So, see above. Or just let them sit around until morning—nothing wrong with that.

*PRO TIP: Add a little fresh-ground black pepper (better!).

If you just sold your old car and are looking to replace it…

From Reuters News:

Your chance to buy a rare Alfa 2.9

Sotheby's could set a new record when it sells at auction a 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B. Angela Moore reports.

(Yes, you.)

Adventures in chemistry

Worst neighbor ever cooks urine, causes building evacuation | New York Post

(What are you smoking?)

What is this VCR of which they speak?

Japanese company announces end of VCR production - NY Daily News

And one good thing about Donald Trump…

Michigan pollster has good news, bad news for both parties

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Last March, the pollsters in Michigan agreed on one thing — Hillary Clinton would crush Bernie Sanders in the state's Democratic presidential primary.…

There's been a huge sea change in American politics since the 1970s, Mr. Grossman believes. "Republicans have become a party that is primarily ideological in nature, while Democrats are a collection of social groups," united in opposing the Republicans.

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… he can cure my insomnia in mere minutes.


I still don't understand…

…this internet fixation on dropping jaws—jaws are dropping everywhere and I don't know why—but jaw-dropping makeover just sounds…painful.

Those Republicans are right…it's NOT safe out there

Sheriff: Naked couple arrested on stolen lawn mower | Boston Herald



Ted Cruz: I would have to be a ‘servile puppy dog’ to endorse Trump | Boston Herald

Imagine our relief

Hillary Clinton is not a 'Spicy Boi,' and she's not dead either
Los Angeles Times

If you've looked at Hillary Clinton's Instagram account lately, you might have noticed that the comment section is full of people mourning her Read the full story

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A reminder from the late great Molly Ivins

"The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet..." 

- Molly Ivins at BrainyQuote http://goo.gl/Ewo6v4

There'll always be an England

From Reuters News:

Annual Royal 'Swan-Upping' takes place on River Thames

A census of the Queen's swans has taken place annually on the River Thames for the last 800 years.

"Her majesty has the right to own any swans swimming in open waters in the United Kingdom if she so pleases…"

Not stirred

What if he got tossed into the same cell as Cosby?

Washington Post Reports: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes appears headed for removal amid allegations of sexual harassment

Ailes, 76, has been at the helm of the network since its launch 20 years ago and became one of the most powerful figures in American media and politics.


Could they both appeal under the cruel and unusual punishment clause?

(It's cruel and unusual, Siri, not cool and unusual. Try to stay with me here.)

A tasty new treat?

Facebook Pilots Offline Video for India in Duel With YouTube - Bloomberg

YouTube introduced offline video in 2014 to cater to Indians crazy about watching Bollywood song sequences, cricket snippets and comedy sketches. 

I've had cricket chips and they're pretty good, but cricket snippets? I don't know. If the comedy sketches are good enough, maybe.

(Also, "Facebook pilots" has nothing to do with, you know, pilots.)

Can you spell "fat chance"?

Cuomo Details Redesigned Subway Cars and Major Station Renovations - The New York Times

"It would be nice if people always waited till everybody got off the train before they started to board…
One August morning in a year long gone I attempted for the first time to ride the New York City subway to work…IRT from the east 70's, switch to an express at Grand Central— I had it all figured out. But on the first platform my plan crashed.

A southbound train arrived, its doors slid open and, good Midwestern boy that I was, I stood aside to let the women board first. I missed three trains in a row. 

Finally, motivated by abject fear of being late to work on my first day, I learned the basic rule of New York subway-riding technique: elbows. And don't let anybody get in your way. Anybody. 

Maybe wider doors will help but, if you're a subway rider, don't give up your elbows just yet.


Wacky, right?

I'm sitting here watching the goofiness that is a political convention roll-call nominating vote, surely the highlight of the week.

Otherwise, I'm spending the evening multitasking with the Republican convention streaming on YouTube.


Who Will Be President? - The New York Times

The Times estimates Hillary has a 98% chance of winning the state where I live in November, which means I can vote for anybody I want to without guilt. Bozo the Clown, maybe, or Felix the Cat. Or Dracula.

Trump is "reckless," says the extremely careless Clinton

Clinton: Trump Is 'Most Dangerous, Reckless' Presidential Candidate Ever

Hillary Clinton on Monday tore into Donald Trump during an interview with CBS News' Charlie Rose, charging that Trump has "no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself." She noted that he's called for reinstating waterboarding and would "order the American military to commit war crimes." Read More → Read the full story

What did we do to deserve this?



If you're going to open a tattoo parlor, putting it right next door to the pub is an excellent idea.

It’s going to be a star-studded Republican National Convention | New York Post

… and a big week for outrage junkies as well.

And millions, maybe even the largest TV audience in convention history, will be sure to catch the grand finale Thursday night from the main stage: A high-stakes prime-time convention address by the nominee, a man known to be entertaining.

Stock up on your favorite beverage. And plenty of chips.


Oh no!

I was putting laundry away this afternoon, and one of my yellow :-)-banana-face socks is missing (I said "smiley"; you can see what I got). Anyway…

Maybe it's just hiding somewhere, not escaped. Let's hope.

Some days it's just really, really good to be old

Smell Dating Pheromones Romance


Once again on the cutting edge of fashion

Let’s face it, the tie is dead | New York Post

Believe me, it’s not easy being a style icon, but I bear up.

Relish the thrill

Also, it's National Ice Cream Day

These Vintage Ice Cream Photos Will Make Your Mouth Water | TIME

Just mentioning.