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In every real sense, the Chicago teacher's strike was as much an attempt to arrest the tightening grip of oligarchy as anything that ever happened in Zuccotti Park.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/chicago-teacher-strike-2012-12701572#ixzz26b0ZK2eS

Yes, some people are even more easily amused than I am

A Cow Dung Festival Queen is selected - not perhaps an accolade you would readily put on your list of accomplishments. Then there is the highlight of the day - cow dung bingo. A field is divided into squares. When names are gathered and bets placed, Betsy - the festival cow - is ushered in.…

(From a BBC story about festivities in Ireland.)


Messages  by Ted Compton
Messages , a photo by Ted Compton on Flickr.

In other words, perfect

Pointer Pointer website points at your cursor - Crave

Pointer Pointer is quite possibly one of the most useless websites we've ever seen…

Welcome to our list!

I am ruined

Early apple buds means early pickings across Southern Tier | Shreveporttimes

I saw this headline and I thought it was a story about headphones.

And your point is…?

US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude | Glenn Greenwald | guardian.co.uk

One prominent strain shaping American reaction to the protests in the Muslim world is bafflement, and even anger, that those Muslims are not more grateful to the US.


I never figured it out. Hair, I mean. It looks fine on women put on men? Meh. Long hair, short hair, ponytails and pattern baldness. I finally solved the problem by just not having any. This, it turns out, has some significant advantages.

Our local mega-drugstore is expanding. To super-mega. Management's idea of where things ought to be located in that store has never meshed with my own idea, and so no matter what I'm looking for there, I can't find it. The good news is that in the new super-mega store fully half the floorspace is devoted to hair. In the other half, well, I still can't find anything, but at least it takes me less time to find that out.

I was there this afternoon and I noticed in the hair half of the store a new aisle with the label, "sun care." Sun care, it turns out, has nothing whatsoever to do with caring for the sun. It's all about caring for your skin and… want to guess before I say it? Ready? Right:


Possibly the least worrisome thing your daughter could do

While on vacation in the beautiful state of Alaska, 16-year-old Kate Curtis caught a giant halibut.




Watch Shake, Rattle and Rock! online | Free | Hulu

Renée Zellweger stars in this remake of a 1956 rock & roll comedy about killjoy adults trying to ban a teen-dance TV show. This update, made as part of Showtime Cable's Rebel Highway series, is similarly set during rock's late-'50s primordial beginnings.
Dude, that's me. Late-'50s primordial. Who knew, right?
Wait. That was a rhetorical question.

Scribbles in the sky

Scribbles in the sky by Ted Compton
Scribbles in the sky, a photo by Ted Compton on Flickr.

Along the way

Along the way by Ted Compton
Along the way, a photo by Ted Compton on Flickr.

A little trip down Memory Lane

Obama’s Double-Speak at the DNC » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

In this well-crafted, though wholly misleading statement, Obama strongly suggests that the Taliban attacked us on 9/11.  This is, of course, not true.   The Taliban never attacked us.   Their only crime was to insist upon proof of Osama bin Laden’s culpability for the 9/11 attacks before handing him over to the U.S.   (And, the Taliban’s request in this regard was not purely academic.  Thus, as explained in a little-known article in the Ithaca Journal by Ed Haas — so unknown that it won the Project Censored Award — the FBI admitted that it never included the 9/11 attacks in Bin Laden’s “Ten Most Wanted” rap sheet because the FBI had “no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”).

Day labor becomes hour labor

The idea of posting or finding jobs online isn’t new. Craigslist, the pioneering Internet bulletin board, allowed the primitive, gentle folk of the 1990s to find day work, not to mention cheap dates. These new services are different…

Da Bears, huh?

I'm also a Cubs fan.


A public service


Really rich guys will get more money! Maybe they'll share!

Fed Announces New Round of Bond Buying to Spur Growth - NYTimes.com

The Fed said that it would add $23 billion of mortgage bonds to its portfolio by the end of September and then announce its plans for October as part of a new process that aims to prioritize the Fed’s economic objectives.

Can you spell "fat chance"?

Who ever heard of Thursday Night Football?

OK, maybe it's been going on all this time and I just didn't notice. That's possible. I could miss something like that. But still. It's weird.

Speaking of weird, here's a weird update: Portland went with the fluoride, I understand. Which just might make this town here, where I live, the only town anywhere that still doesn't have it. What would we want with one of the great public health advances of the 20th Century anway? 

We're pretty much against everything here, which is why everybody in town has to drive 20 minutes (in any direction) to get to Walmart. We're against having one here. And other stuff.

The Bears are supposed to play the Packers tonight, on a Thursday. I still don't get that. They played on Sunday, didn't they? (Answer: The Bears did and I don't care about the Packers except in the playoffs when there are no Bears. which is pretty often. Deal with it.)

Come to think of it, let's get it on. Go Bears.

Don't stop there! Tell us what you really think!

Chicago Teacher Strike - Let's Strike Against People Who Don't Like Teachers - Esquire

If I have to read one more smug, Ivy League writer from Slate talking, as the big strike goes on, about public-school teachers as though they were unruly hired help, I may hit someone with a fish.


Some guys have all the luck

"On, Wisconsin"…

President Obama's re-election campaign on Tuesday added Wisconsin to its list of targeted states.


Oh give it a rest, New York Times

[But] just as Mr. Romney’s views on some other issues evolved over the years, his public assessments of the Vietnam War shifted markedly.
His pro-war sympathies at Stanford changed four years later, when he recanted and called the war a mistake.…

More here.

Yes, we know Romney flip-flops on a lot of things but this is really taking it too far, don't you think? A a lot of people changed their minds about the war in Vietnam. That, in a nutshell, is why the war finally came to an end. So, in this case, hooray for him.



iPhone photo: Phil Compton

Oh go ahead, tell us what you really think

Portland Will Be Weird Whether They Put Fluoride in the Water or Not - Truthdig

Wait, it's not on the SAT?

Watch Ninja Cheerleaders online | Free | Hulu

3 college cheerleaders use their martial arts know-how to save their Sensei from mafia kidnappers, but must keep their extra curricular activities a secret in order to make it into an Ivy League school.

I hate this stuff

What Are Your Chances of Catching Bubonic Plague? - Spring Valley, SC Patch

So here's an article involving the Colorado girl who recently came down with Bubonic Plague that helpfully notes the symptoms of that disease:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Decreased appetite
  • Wait. You mean it's not just a cold I have, it's the BLACK FREAKIN' DEATH???

    Remind me quit reading this "internet" thing.

    The Wiki will not be bamboozled

    Wikipedia told Philip Roth he’s not “credible source” on book he wrote | Ars Technica

    American novelist Philip Roth is so famous that there's a Wikipedia page about his life and numerous Wikipedia articles about individual books he's written. But by the sometimes strict editing process enforced at the collaboratively edited online encyclopedia, Roth himself was recently unable to fix what he calls a glaring error in the Wikipedia page about his novel The Human Stain.…

    When Roth tried to give Wikipedia the true origins of the novel, he says he was told by a Wikipedia administrator on Aug. 26 "that I, Roth, was not a credible source."


    Chicago Tribune - Front Page - Amtrak passenger numbers surge in Illinois

    The number of people using Amtrak rail service in Illinois jumped by 5.5 percent over the last 11 months.

    We're still waiting for the High Speed Train From Vermont. We have our station built and everything. In fact, all we need now are the tracks. 

    Think New England cargo cult.

    There'll always be an Ohio

    Public Policy Polling has a new survey suggesting that six percent of Ohioans, and 15 percent of Ohio Republicans, think Mitt Romney "deserves more credit" for the killing of Osama bin Laden than Barack Obama.


    "A human meatgrinder of a book"…

    …says reviewer John Freeman, somewhat cryptically but entirely accurately, in the New York Review of Books of Dennis Lehane's novel, The Given Day—a story about Boston at the end of WWI. And if you need any more encouragement than that to read the book, we point out Lehane also wrote Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island, and several more ambitious books (of which this is one).

    It's in the book list, or click the link above for more.

    Early red

    Early red by Ted Compton
    Early red, a photo by Ted Compton on Flickr.

    Ya think?

    KABUL, Afghanistan — The American and NATO training missions in Afghanistan have told United States government investigators that more than four years of financial records covering about $475 million worth of fuel purchases for the Afghan National Army may have been shredded, raising concerns about potential fraud.




    I thought about doing some today. But I didn't. Work, I mean.

    I figured I could probably put it off one more day.

    Apparently, I was right.

    Good line

    In the New York Times Magazine this morning Matt Bai calls political conventions "world’s lamest pep rallies."

    More good stuff.

    Nanny state!

    I want a law against shirts with no buttons. They are a menace. Especially around here.

    Where is this nanny state thing when you needed it?