This piece is worth reading and paying attention to

The AI Threat Isn't Skynet. It's the End of the Middle Class | WIRED

"In the US, the number of manufacturing jobs peaked in 1979 and has steadily decreased ever since. At the same time, manufacturing has steadily increased, with the US now producing more goods than any other country but China."

Maybe some of the people who voted for Trump are, for better or worse, ahead of the curve and not behind it.

Wait. Won't fly?

Wrong oil used on 3 Hawkeyes causes $80 million in damage to 6 engines - Navy - Stripes

"The replacements come at a time when the Navy says that half its aircraft can’t fly because they’re awaiting maintenance or lack needed spare parts."

Do the boats float?

Or maybe both?

Tornado Town, USA | FiveThirtyEight


The Great Round-up

Now here's a real protester

New Yorkers have no problem with Nordstrom's Trump ban - NY Daily News

"…she swore off ExxonMobil fuel in the event she ever gets a car…"



Here's a word you might not be needing any time soon

skiagrapher, n. : Oxford English Dictionary


Move over, Kardashian

Met Museum in New York Makes 375,000 Public Domain Images Available | Fortune.com


The third dimension of NYC

New York’s Elevators Define The City | FiveThirtyEight

"One passenger elevator in Queens claims a maximum capacity of just 2.5 pounds, or about four subway rats."

Saving daylight since WWI

NMAH | On Time | Synchronizing Time

"The federal government first officially recognized standard time during World War I, in an act to establish Daylight Saving Time."

But of course Congress lost it all and look at the mess we’re in now.

If this is not a call to get to work no matter how lousy the weather, I don't know what is

Winter Storm Hits the Northeast - The New York Times

"The governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut urged people not to travel unless necessary and told nonessential state employees not to come to work.…"

Those pesky Russians are/aren't our friends

This whole Russian thing is confusing my head. I know it's bad President the Donald wants to be buddies with the Russians (so I'm told), but a classical radio station in Chicago is hawking a summer excursion to Russia to hear all the fabulous music and see all the wonderful sights, all of which are presumably good.

Spring is right around the corner

(That corner right up there at the top of the hill.)


This is a good omen and I mean it

I took the trash to the curb this morning just as the sky was growing light and saw two big flocks of geese headed noisily north. And flying like the meant it. This, on February 8.

I'm not a goose scholar and I'm not saying this doesn't happen every year at exactly the same time but I'm saying this is good news anyway, and that's that.


Only if you subscribe to the Toledo Blade will you get an answer to this question, which is probably just as well

When is a buckeye not a buckeye? - The Blade


Teen-aged boys with pickup trucks who think the laws of physics don't apply

That's how Mike, my grocery store friend, describes the behavior of the local drivers in this season, Winterus Massholius. The sound of spinning wheels and the occasional muffled thump fill the air. And we're only talking about an inch of the white stuff here, although it is wet white stuff and the temp is right around the freezing point.

Still, it's a northern-tier state. People should be used to it by now.…

Unless, of course, all those drivers are from Georgia, just here to get revenge.

Hardly any, but it's wet and it will run right down the back of you neck


And not one false


Yes, we are easily amused

Significant Digits For Monday, Feb. 6, 2017 | FiveThirtyEight

"If option ‘b' wins, Puerto Ricans will vote in October on a second referendum to choose between independence and free association. Also, we’ll get to call it the 'Puerto Rexit,' so keep an eye on how this vote goes."

Money just ain't what it used to be

Current Status

"GCET purchased $7.4mm worth of networking and Wi-Fi technology in July…"

$7.4mm? Really? 

The basic message of this web site is, “we’re working on it.” The “it” involved is some kind of municipal internet scheme which we’ve been working on since a previous century, but we keep changing the name of it so nobody knows for sure. 

If you're cloudy on clouds, here's some help

Cloud Storage Comparison: iCloud Drive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive | The Mac Security Blog


It's nice to know there are still some things eternal in this world

Here’s one that will never, ever go away.

When you know you've gone over the edge

Super Bowl Reminds People Of Election On Twitter | The Daily Caller


Watching the Patriots play football…

…is more like watching brain surgery than like watching, say, the old John Madden Raiders or Ditka’s Bears. Or the Packers from any era you can name. The Patriots are a business in Foxborough. 

And Tom Brady doesn’t eat tomatoes. Do you know that? Everybody in New England does. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to find a decent tomato around here.

But here’s something you can find in New England more easily than anyplace else.