Granny slang

"Granny slang is the colloquial parlance of the elderly. Its nickname is, itself, slang, which is perhaps why it has taken on a superfluous gendered personification. It's not necessarily effeminate; granddads are just as likely to use granny slang; it denotes age, not gender. Admittedly, 'granny and granddad slang' doesn't have quite the same ring to it."

It's from across the pond, but people get old there too.

Hot, schmot

It's 84° out there. OK, maybe a little hot-ish. But let's get all steamed up about it.


The future is coming for YOU

Study: 1 in 4 U.S. Jobs At Risk of Offshoring | Economy | US News

"Computer programmers, actuaries, statisticians and film and video editors are all among the most at-risk for offshoring, while telemarketers, insurance underwriters, mathematical technicians and library technicians are all at risk of automation."

Automated telemarketers. If that doesn’t make your blood run cold nothing ever will.

The most disturbing revelation from this study, however, is this:

"Since the recession that ended in 2009, researchers estimate 'half the net establishment growth [or business formation] in the United States … occurred in just 0.64 percent of the more than 3,100 U.S. counties.’"

Ghost towns now, and more ghost towns tomorrow. 

Read on.


In the meantime hold it

Duluth City Council places pause on Park Point restrooms | Duluth News Tribune

Or wait…that's a lake isn't it?

Look, guys, everybody makes mistakes

Toledo officials admit error on $8.2M in budget - The Blade

Are the chickens sad?

Cheap chicken parts at the grocery store this morning. Maybe they're from sad 😞 chickens. Happy 🙂 chicken parts would cost more, wouldn't they?

Let’s not even think about it

Lovers quarrel escalates into bloody machete fight | New York Post


This is going in to my museum next to my slide rule

All of these guys need a timeout …

Twitter taunts: Ex-Hillary and Obama aides reveling in the Don Jr. controversy | Fox News

All of them, both sides. The election's over. These guys should be working on how to run the country. 

And if they're not up to it we should dump the lot and get some real first-graders to get it done. 

Reading stuff like this makes me want to just go back to bed

Growing up in the 1990's…

Asian American studies class is now officially a punishment in California

Airbnb host must pay $5,000 in damages for canceling reservation - NY Daily News

Can Calculus be far behind?

The Trump Show keeps getting better and better

Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: 'Watch Your Back , Bitch' - ProPublica

Maybe it's a movie and we're just stuck watching it. I'm beginning to feel a need for popcorn.


So maybe the real problem is the Russians just didn't pay enough

Which foreign countries spent the most to influence U.S. politics? - The Washington Post


It’s a completely perfect summer day …

…for doing absolutely nothing: Hot, humid, a little dark and rainy, thundery (bit not too much). Lucky I've got a good book. And Mozart.

One big butterfly

This’ll show ‘em

Joe Scarborough announces he's leaving the Republican Party - NY Daily News

Is this the dumbest advice ever?

Store in a Cool Dry Place

Are you kidding? There is no cool dry place here and there won't be until at least December. So here's a shout-out to the guys at the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company:

Fat Chance

It’s been a busy week so far here at Yet Another Media Empire…

…more work than usual to avoid…which is probably why our ever-harried newsroom missed this communique from our Seattle Desk when it arrived a couple of days ago, herewith in toto…

At first I thought Trump wanted to be the first US dictator. He has the bravado and greed involved, but he's not smart enough. Doesn't know enough about how dictators work. Then I thought he wanted to institute a US oligarchy. That might work. He's probably good at passing out goodies and getting rich on the kickbacks. But, that's not it either.  

What we've done is given up the White House to a crime family. Think about it. The leader of the group is . . . wait for it . . . The Don. Now that Donald. Jr. has found his ass in the grinder, he has lawyered up. He hired Alan Futerfas. As the Huffington Post put it, "Later Monday, Trump Jr. announced he had hired Alan Futerfas as his lawyer. Futerfas is known for representing the GambinoGenovese and Colombo crime families." 

It's all just too perfect.

Sam Guy