Imagine our relief

How to stop worrying about speaker impedance - CNET


Chicken crossed the road and… disappeared

Most KFCs in UK remain closed because of chicken shortage | Business | The Guardian



Sounds like as good a place as any

New owners settle in at Ruggeri's Beverage

GREENFIELD – Ruggeri's Discount Beverage and Redemption Center's new owners hope to bring the store "back to its roots." 

But what kind of redemption are we talking about here?

The end of civilization. (This time it’s real.)

Doping charge angers Olympic curlers, but they admit there could be benefits - The Washington Post

"The change can be seen in the physiques of top curlers. In PyeongChang, they have shown up with chiseled torsos and bulging biceps. Kennedy's veins run up his arms like roads on a map. The male Japanese curlers have attracted particular attention from certain corners, it seems. Gone are beer bellies and twig arms."


Oh no! Does Amazon Prime deliver to South Korea?

Jamaican Women's Bobsled Coach Sandra Kiriasis Quits, Owns Team's Sled…


That’ll show her

Prince Henrik of Denmark dies, refused to be buried next to his queen - CNN

The 83-year-old prince, who was hospitalized in January with a lung infection after being diagnosed with dementia last September, had previously said he did not wish to be buried beside his wife over the refusal to name him king.



Orange is the new silver lining

Flu season boosts orange juice sales - Business Insider

Terrified Americans are rushing out to buy orange juice after abandoning the drink for years…



A year???

Asteroid flying by Earth will be closer than the moon | New York Post

The manager of NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, Paul Chodas, said asteroids this size usually don't come this close — just once or twice a year.

Even in the best of times

North Korea forbidden from Samsung's Olympics swag | New York Post

Norway's Olympians ended up with 15,000 eggs, rather than the 1,500 that they wanted, because they made a mistake while using Google Translate to place an order.