It ain’t over till it’s over, Yogi said.

I quit watching the Vikings game last night with 55 seconds left on the clock, just as it seemed a sure thing the Saints would kick a field goal to go ahead. I was right about that – they did. And then they didn't.

And that New Orleans player who missed the last tackle, well, at least the guy in Hawaii who pushed the wrong button must feel relieved.


Ghost of Christmas (just) past

Turns out that big wind we had last weekend blew all the Christmas ornaments off the lampposts hereabouts. Bits and pieces of them are lying all over the two main streets downtown.

You wouldn't take the decorations down when Christmas was over, would you. Oh, no. And now look what you've done.


One from the file

(The store's still there but the sign is gone.)

Who’s the fairest of them all, Alexa? Also, flush.

Kohler brings Alexa and connectivity to your bathroom - CNET

Almost all of Kohler's new products work with AmazonApple and Google's voice assistants. Its new Verdera vanity mirror has an dual microphone-equipped Alexa speaker built right into it. You can also use a voice command to set the water temperature in Kohler's DTV shower system or the temperature and fill level in its PerfectFill bathtub. You can even use your voice to flush the high-end Numi toilet. 

And when the toilet starts talking back to you, then what?


 Courtesy of Sam Guy.