Mad man?

Man being fired brings emotional-support clown to meeting

It was sort of noisy, him making balloon animals, so we did have to tell him to be quiet from time-to-time."


Houston, we have a solution

Biden: 'Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime'

If the Democrats nominate Joe Biden for President Trump may very well just concede. Why not? It would get him and everyone around him off the hook, and all his friends out of jail. What could be more perfect?


Looking at the new Apple watches made me wonder…

…do you get better time for $500 or is it pretty much the same time you get for $28.99? Me, I'm OK with the time I have.

I have an Apple Watch already, anyway. It's only right twice a day but that's a start. Oh, and also, it runs backward. If it runs. That means you get paid, instead of paying them. Think different.

I think when they say "loose" here…

A 'loose monkey' is reportedly tormenting a Texas town

…they probably mean "free from confinement" rather than "lacking moral restraint"* because, well, if they meant the latter it'd be in the gossip section,

*Look it up.


So many things to do, so many circles to run around in

Targeting PATRIOT Act Provision, Rights Groups Urge House Dems to Block NSA From Collecting Americans' Phone Records | Common Dreams News

The organizations' demands were detailed in a letter (pdf) sent Monday to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and the committee's other Democrats, which came alongside a panel discussion on Capitol Hill that featured rights and mass surveillance experts.


The House can not chew gum and impeach Donald Trump at the same time so there is no possible way this or anything else is going to get done any time soon.

Everybody gets 60 seconds of fame, at least, at The Human Clock™


From our Department of Totally Useless Apostrophes

So at least…

Amazon Has 30,000 Open Jobs. Yes, You Read That Right. - The New York Times

In August, the national unemployment rate remained near a 50-year low at 3.7 percent, even as hiring slowed in the face of the trade war between the United States and China and the lagging global economy.



Oh no! Trump doesn't understand soccer!

That's the last straw!

OK, I don't understand it either, but still. The shame!

Trump tweets about 2026 World Cup bid, maybe breaks FIFA rule

Specifically, President Trump tweeted about the North American bid to host the 2026 World Cup. And if he would like that bid to succeed, he would be best off never tweeting about it again.

What? Liz?

How Elizabeth Warren Raised Big Money Before She Denounced Big Money - The New York Times

"She didn't have any trouble taking our money the year before," Mr. Rendell said. "All of a sudden, we were bad guys and power brokers and influence-peddlers. In 2018, we were wonderful."


Everybody knows your name (also phone number and probably other stuff)

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users' phone numbers exposed

"The unanswered question remains: regardless of whether Facebook's claim that "the future is private" is believable or not, is it actually too late for Facebook to repair the damage already done?"

Of course, phone books. For landlines at least it's been possible to match names and phone numbers for a very long time. What's different here is the universality of it all, and speed. What used to take a very long time and lots of money can now be done free in a flash. 


No smoking…no skateboarding…WE ARE WATCHING YOU

That's what the signs on the bus station, the John Olver International Transit Hub, say.

Also, it was a dewy morning.