No word on where the party will be held but we'll let you know when we find out

Boeing Ramps Up JDAM Production as Stockpiles Decrease | DoDBuzz

"Chicago-based Boeing recently celebrated its 300,000 JDAM production, Gruensfelder said."

[JDRAM are, well, bombs.]

Swimming beneath the Alps

Ain't it ever

Opinion | This month, write a poem. I'll show you how.

The Washington Post

April is not the cruelest month, March is.

And April is, apparently, National Poetry Month.

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Here's an idea, let's put sugar in it!

Selling water: Coke, Pepsi look to make water rain money

"NEW YORK (AP) — Bottled water is starting to seem more like soda, and sometimes taste like it, too.

"'Someone could argue with a straight face that maybe those belong with (sodas),' executive editor Duane Stanford noted. But, he said, people drink Sparkling Ice with the 'mindset' that it is water."

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How far we have fallen

The tire guy is now getting his inspirational quotes from Georgie Dubya Bush. (Sad!)

Looking to get away from it all?

From Reuters News:

Town of Reduction, population 60, up for sale in Pennsylvania

"Got $1.5 million to spare? If so, tiny Reduction, a one-time company town built to house workers at a long-vanished garbage-processing plant in western Pennsylvania, could be yours for the asking.…

"The plant, built by American Reduction Co on a wide bend of the Youghiogheny River, shut down in 1936 after processing waste from the city of Pittsburgh since the early 20th century.

Workers would render animal carcasses, and separate metal from household waste for resale.…

"'This was the original recycling plant,' said David Stawovy, 67, who owns Reduction with his three siblings."

Maybe you could start a recycling museum.


Too late, Joe

Joe Biden Regrets Not Running For President In 2016

And yeah, you probably could have won. So could have anybody else. Almost.

I'm just enough of a geek to think…

Trump presidency 'opens door' to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments | Environment | The Guardian

…planet hacking sounds kind of cool. Except well, Trump. Know what I mean? What if his idea of geoengineering is papering the whole thing over with gold leaf? I’m not dissing gold leaf lovers here but it’s just not exactly my style. So I’m hoping we at least hold a vote.

Also, spraying a lot of chemicals into the air to see what happens is a little too speculative for my taste. Or smell. Of course it’s not the smell we’re worried about here, it’s the sun. Possibly we ought to geoengineer the sun, put in a dimmer switch.

I don't want to hear these guys say "oops"

NASA to slam a spaceship into an asteroid for practice | New York Post


Some are born grumpy, some achieve grumpiness…

Congressman: Freedom Caucus members would vote against Ten Commandments | New York Post


But if you can't put it in a vending machine, what's the point?

Massive gold coin worth millions stolen from German museum - NY Daily News


OK, I'll bite

Edible Pouncer drone could fly aid to developing countries | WIRED UK


"Middle American" has become a synonym for "dolt"

Now, I’m a Middle American myself, at heart, and I’m lodging a complaint.

Consider: Here’s some Hollywood guy bitching about how Middle America and Rotten Tomatoes ruined a recent movie he directed:

“'People don’t realize what goes into making a movie like that,' Ratner continued before pointing out that Middle Americans are too stupid to make decisions about which films they like on their own and base their opinions solely on the Rotten Tomatoes score."

The “movie like that” he’s talking about got a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes and still made $900 million on a $250 million investment. And, oh yeah, it’s named "Batman v Superman.” I’m asking, why would Batman want to fight Superman? Is he nuts? Deciding not to watch that movie sounds pretty smart to me.

Just remember, if you took the middle out of America all you’d have left is a couple of edges, sort of like what you cut off the bread when you’re making fancy sandwiches. And throw away.

If you use an Apple device

How To Protect Your iCloud Account From a Potential Breach | WIRED

A HACKER GROUP called Turkish Crime Family says that it can access 250 million iCloud accounts, and will do so on April 7 to reset the password, locking people out of their accounts.…

I am shocked, shocked I tell you

Democrats Concerned That The Supreme Court May Be Rigged For The Rich And Republicans


Just say no—or better yet, hang up

Whatever you do, don’t say yes when this chatbot asks, 'Can you hear me?' - LA Times


It's a health care miracle

The U.S. may not have the very best health care in the world but it’s pretty darn good. Think, for example, of John McCain.

Nine years ago or so McCain was a senile old man, barely able to remember his own name, wandering around singing ditties about bombing Iran. Remember that? But now look. He’s totally cured and a veritable Hero of Democracy.

Welcome  back, Big John.

Biden: 'McCain is right: Need select committee' for Russia

Democrats and some Republicans, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), have called for an independent investigation into Russia's attempt to influence the election in President Trump's favor, including potential ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow. –The Hill


This is way more about frogs than I really want to know

Rare California frogs of Mark Twain lore are having sex again, to the delight of wildlife researchers
The Washington Post

"This could be the start of a comeback," one researcher said. Read the full story

Some things don't change

"This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. "

Will Rogers

Imagine our joy

Koch brothers condemn President Trump's controversial travel ban - NY Daily News

"The reason we're optimistic ... is really Mike Pence," said Doug Deason, a prominent Trump supporter and major Koch donor. "If you think Cheney had power in Bush White House, just watch and see what happens with Mike Pence."


Let's hear it for the little guys

From Reuters News:

Scientists launch campaign to restore Pluto to the planet club

"A team of scientists seeking to restore Pluto to planethood launched a campaign on Tuesday to broaden the astronomical classifications which led to its demotion to a "dwarf planet" a decade ago."