Here's some nasty news to start your final weekend

Republicans want to let robocallers spam your voicemail - The Washington Post

The Republican National Committee is backing a petition that would allow political campaigns and businesses to leave automated messages on your voicemail, without your phone having to ring. 


Not exactly a glowing review

New Amazon bookstore looks like airport desperation pit-stop | New York Post

Those New Yorkers—hard to please.

Whar's the matter with kids today?

Methanol detected for first time around young star

(Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way?)

First, no

The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS

I do not need a personal task manager. I do not need any sort of task manager at all because I do not do tasks, at least not the kind that need managing in any way. 

Although if you ever come up with anti-task software let me know and I will put it on my Things to Think About Maybe Someday list.

A rose by any other name would be…

…well, a rose, probably. But “George” would rhyme with “charge,” and other delightful things.

How Shakespeare spoke: Original Pronunciation, rhymes, and puns | OxfordWords blog""


Thanks! I was wondering about that

Why Trump women wore veils but not headscarves on foreign trip - NY Daily News

"The Vatican has a strict rule about how women must dress in the presence of the Pope. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, enforced no such rule on the Trumps, even though women who live in the conservative Muslim kingdom are expected to be covered in public."

It’s hard to stay on top of this stuff. Me, I never even understood hair. Why is hair political. Why, in fact, is hair. I say, off with it.

Not that I could say much else.

Helen Gone of our travel department agrees…

…if the Toledo bus station is the last place on earth, don't go there. You will be better off just…not.

I know this because I spent a week there last Sunday night.

In the course of a round-trip to Ohio by Greyhound, I became intimately acquainted with three bus stations, in fact: New York's Port Authority building at 42nd and 8th (dingy but tolerable, and moderately entertaining); the bus station in Cleveland (you wouldn't want to be there twice but yet I was); and Toledo (The Pit).

The agent at Toledo mumbled under his breath, "why do they keep sending people here?"

I have the feeling I was lucky to have got out at all.

Also, a shout-out to Greyhound for installing new seats that are even more uncomfortable than the old ones. And they said it could't be done.

I am off for Vermont in the morning, but only for a few hours. So how bad can that be?


When these guys say royal service they're not kidding

Royal treatment: Dutch King reveals he piloted KLM passenger flights - CNN.con

There's a place for everything

Cops: Man drives drunk in state police academy's parking lot


Is it just me or is there something weird here?

Police: Drunken driving suspect had lizard in bra

Still, not something you would take to the beach

Watch the British Library Digitize One of the World's Largest Books

"Obviously the atlas is rather a tricky thing to read — though it has wheels fixed onto it to make it easier to move around"