Looks like they were sorta right

18 inches maybe? 20?

At least it hasn't started raining yet, so we are ahead of the game.


Apparently it's true…

…about a big blizzard headed our way. The grocery store this morning was full of people stocking up on potato chips.

How can that not be a sign.


Just ducking around*

Museums Are Trying To One-Up Each Other With Pictures Of Ducks—And We're Quacking Up 🦆😂 - Comic Sands


*H/T Kellie, avoiding work. 

The Super Bowl's superport

All bets are off for shutdown's impact on Super Bowl

The government shutdown has already resulted in canceled planning meetings for the Feb. 3 game in Atlanta, and if the federal budget impasse continues, airport screeners and flight controllers at the busiest airport in the world will be working on game day for no pay.

For just a moment I thought it said "Happy Lawyer" (whew)

I can get it for you cheap but it's the last one left.

Testing something here


Some very cool pictures from Wikimedia

Lose yourself in our planet's beauty with the winners of Wiki Loves Earth – Wikimedia Foundation

I can't explain…

…why I find this hilarious and strangely disturbing, both.

Alexa can read news briefs in a 'newscaster' voice in the US

"Alexa can now modulate its voice beyond whispering in hushed …

"Amazon described this as the "first step" in modifying Alexa's style to suit different requests…."

Shared from Apple News

That Wall Street we've heard so much about

It's Official: Wall Street Topped $100 Billion in Profit - Bloomberg

Within the banks, the benefits of the tax cuts are flowing more heavily to shareholders than their rank and file. Profit at the five firms jumped 28 percent from the previous high, while employee compensation expenses climbed just 1.8 percent from last year.

[CAUTION: Exactly what is meant by "employee compensation" is uncertain, as affairs on the Street do not much resemble the affairs of real life. Still….]


Our work avoidance site of the month

The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Left On Cars

I bet this will work out fine (not)

The IRS is recalling 46,000 workers to handle tax returns

The employees won't be paid during the shutdown.

Sweetening the deal

City marks site of molasses flood; plans $7M in renovations to surrounding parks – Boston Herald

"It is a big part of Boston's lore like baked beans."


Is this why so many people want to live in Arizona?

They haul chocolate around in tanker trucks?

Truck spills 3,500 gallons of chocolate across highway


Why would you even need a lawyer if you have a defense this good?

Lawyer: Coat chewing could've thrown off breath test

Who, me, Officer? [munch munch]

I wonder what happens if you chew on your hat.

When Wells Fargo thinks you're a crook you're in the big time

Goldman Sachs could be liable for $5B in Malaysian scandal

The sentiments were echoed by Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo, who has been critical of Goldman's involvement.

Maybe we can get the Brits to take us back

.gov security falters during U.S. shutdown | Netcraft

Dozens of U.S. government websites have been rendered either insecure or inaccessible during the ongoing U.S. federal shutdown. These sites include sensitive government payment portals and remote access services, affecting the likes of NASA, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Court of Appeals.