Munchies writ large

Man jailed for 50 years for stealing $1.2m-worth of fajitas

Spring finally

Ok it's only 54 but it's a lot more optimistic 54 than it has been. Make America Warm Again. Or New England, at least.


I’m not sure “toss” is exactly the word we’re looking for here, saladwise

Americans told to toss romaine lettuce over E. coli fears

PHOENIX (AP) — U.S. health officials on Friday told consumers to throw away any store-bought romaine lettuce they have in ...

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Democrats hit peak nutso

While criminal investigation continues, Democrats sue Trump campaign over alleged Russia collusion
I can't wait for the movie.  I'm hoping Donald Sutherland plays Julian Assange and Woody Harrelson plays Russia. The Democrats can play themselves.

Bring plenty of popcorn.

While criminal investigation continues, Democrats sue Trump campaign over alleged Russia collusion

"The Democratic National Committee has sued Russia, President Trump's campaign, WikiLeaks and others on Friday, alleging a broad conspiracy to influence the 2016 presidential election."

Nobody’s safe

A giant indoor farm in China is breeding 6 billion cockroaches a year. Here's why | South China Morning Post

The Post turns a spotlight on the 'disgusting' insect with apparently remarkable medicinal qualities at the world's largest breeding facility, where the bugs outnumber the planet's human population



IRS electronic filing system breaks down hours before midnight deadline

Says the Washington Post, IRS Acting Commissioner David J. Kautter thinks it's probably some kind of glitch. But, as his title implies, he's just acting.

"Kautter said he hoped to have the problem resolved soon but that the agency would not punish people if their returns arrive late because of the glitches."
The IRS definition of "late" in this instance is open to discussion. Talk to your friendly tax preparer for more information. Bring lavish gifts.

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Signs of the times

You'll soon be able to get a tattoo at Saks Fifth Avenue


A note from Charlie in Wisconsin

"Storm 'Evelyn' is ending...finally....and left us with two feet of snow, give or take. Also, high winds, drifting and cold temps. Apparently the second largest storm in recorded history for NE Wis. 1888 hit Green Bay with 29.3 inches. This one comes in between 24 and 27 depending on location. Then we get the reports from upper Mich. where they dig tunnels from their front doors to their cars. Not sure where they drive after that. And then there are Buffalo and Rochester. We should complain....Ha!
Thanks for asking. Maybe Spring is around the corner....somewhere!"

Worse than here

Late-season snowstorm hits the Northland | Duluth News Tribune
Late-season snowstorm hits the Northland | Duluth News Tribune

"Please keep your distance from Lake Superior and do not risk your life to see the big waves," the Weather Service stated on Sunday night.

This is ridiculous: We need a new groundhog



Portland Is America's Next Great Pizza City

This city's got it all: NYC-style slice joints, neo-Neapolitan pies, and the country's most compelling flavor combos. 

…asparagus with sculpit, new potatoes, fresh sheep cheese, apple blossoms and mint yogurt…

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I ate pizza in Italy once and it was nothing like the pizza in Chicago which means the pizza in Italy is wrong. And that stuff—mint yogurt?—eeewwww. 

Too late for seat belts: We have crashed

When the resignation of Paul Ryan from congress is called "the end of a more hopeful and humane era," we've hit the bottom.

Opinion | God help us. Clearly, Paul Ryan could not.
The Washington Post

His submission to Trump's takeover of the GOP will be the defining piece of his legacy. Read the full story

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Wait, what?

White Castle now sells a veggie burger that 'bleeds'

White Castle now sells a veggie burger that 'bleeds'

"Today, the Impossible Burger will be available at White Castle restaurants across the United States in the form of the Impossible Slider, a $1.99 sandwich with zero actual meat."

They don't already have a sandwich with zero actual meat? I am astounded.

[Full disclosure: Just reading this story made me hungry for a slider, no kidding.]


Doesn’t seem to be high on the threat list, though

The Ice Cream Sundae Must Be Stopped - The New York Times

The Ice Cream Sundae Must Be Stopped - The New York Times

"Our flavor list is up to 275 now," Mr. Snyder said. In sales to restaurants, though, "close to 40 percent is vanilla. 
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