This is who we are

We are a city known as a town, apparently, presumably because being a city qualifies us for more state loot while being a town is just more, well, towny. Tell me if I'm wrong.

I learned this while filling out a lengthy form at the city known as a town's brand new Senior Center, thereby officially becoming an Old Guy allowed to wander around the place without a minder (you'd think it would be the other way around, but it's not).

On the form, I promised not to be a bully, promised not to wear perfume, promised not to take my shoes off, and promised not to do naughty things on the computers, of which there are three. Dells, running Widows 8.

I also got a pronoun. No kidding. It, the form, asked me what pronoun I wanted and I got kind of stumped there. Is "your Majesty" a pronoun? How about "your Honor"?

I used to know a guy whose first name was Judge. Granted, Judge is a name and not a pronoun, but it did get him a lot of free drinks. That was in Chicago—I don't know how well it would work in a city called a town.

On the ambiguity of the word,,“mad“

Marvel is coming to 3 Disney parks and I'm not mad about it

No mercy for clunkers in UK

Businessman Who Spent $350K Restoring Ferrari 458 Spider Is 'Physically Sick' After Police Seize, Destroy It

Unfortunately for Khan, his Ferrari was classified as a category B insurance write-off before he restored it. Any car that falls under category B is expected to be crushed and not appear on public roads again.

"Mouse pointer” is not in the dictionary (not mine, anyway) but “mouse potato” is

Merriam-Webster's definition of "mouse potato":


Why you need to be a little careful about flying in the Northeast this time of year

4,000 flights cancelled, massive power outages after snowstorm punches East Coast | New York Post

Spring kicked off with a wallop of wintry weather along the East Coast as the fourth nor'easter in three weeks dumped more than a foot of snow in some places Wednesday.



My weather app…

… forecasts "less than 1 inch of snow" for every day through next Sunday.

Welcome to spring in New England.


This is worse than worrying about the next iPhone

Curtain rises in New Hampshire with president's appearance - The Washington Post

And on Monday, President Trump — whose New Hampshire primary win two years ago set him on a course for the presidency — is slated to make an appearance in the state for the first time since 2016. 

You’re welcome

amhistorymuseum (@amhistorymuseum)
It's Poultry Day. In the early 1900s, a young broiler chicken was considered a great delicacy, and typically cost 50 cents a pound (about $22 today.) ow.ly/W8D330gDobr 🐔 #FoodHistory



Can a dead man get a parking ticket?

Dead man walking: Court rejects Romanian's claim he's alive | Boston Herald


State House ‘Hooker Entrance’ decried | Boston Herald

Yes, boys and girls, there really was a General Hooker in the Union Army during the Civil War and he was born in Massachusetts. So this sign on the Statehouse is not what you may think it is.

(It does make boys of a certain age giggle, but they will giggle at just about anything.)

Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki


Y-shaped patterning! How can you…oh…

Lamborghini Gets Into Triathlon With $20,000 Limited-Edition Cervelo Bike

"The Cervelo P5X Lamborghini Limited Edition comes complete with a custom yellow paint scheme with Y-shaped patterning done at Lamborghini's Centro Stile design lab at its Sant'Agata Bolognese headquarters."