Go Husky women

UConn Women Set To Face SMU With Record Win No. 91 In Sight - Hartford Courant
"The No. 1-ranked Huskies (15-0) visit SMU (10-6) at 3 p.m. today. A victory will be UConn's 91st in a row, the longest in history as the Huskies surpass their own record set in 2010."
It’s on ESPN3, whatever that is.
(The time is EST.)


UConn Women's Hoops ‏@UConnWBB  6m6 minutes ago
Longest win streak in NCAA basketball history ✅ (again)

Hey, R's—after you finish trashing Obamacare how about repealing February?

Do something useful for a change. January has turned so mild here in our pleasant valley—nearly all the snow has melted off, we're looking at a week in the 40's beginning Monday—it'd be nice to just skip February all together and go right on into spring.


I just spent half the morning searching around the kitchen for that little twist-tie I JUST TOOK OFF THE BREAD 30 SECONDS AGO.

How does this stuff happen??

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me

Some Traders Say Mexico Should Buy Twitter - Bloomberg

"It goes like this: Instead of spending its precious reserves to defend the peso, Mexico should just buy Twitter Inc. -- at a cost of about $12 billion -- and immediately shut it down"


Who said America isn't already great?

The $16 Million Battle Over Mermaid Tail Blankets - Bloomberg

In less than five months, Peze, 35, built a multimillion-dollar business hawking mermaid blankets. Yes, mermaid blankets.…It was a fairy tail [sigh - Ed.] success story.""


Some months are just like this; apparently nothing can be done

We're still not halfway through January and already I've run out of paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, hand soap, dishwashing soap, laundry soap, and almost Spam. Both sheets needed washing at the same time. How long can this go on?

Why do people look in a mirror when they brush their teeth?

Me, I might forget where they are. I get that. But most people have a pretty good idea to begin with, don't they?


Whoever coined the term "pre-traumatic stress" sure hit the mark

Roger Simon: America sinks back to dark times | Chicago Sun-Times

"Donald Trump has been elected president, not by a plurality of American voters but by the Electoral College."

A modest note for the record here: Every U.S. president in history has been elected by the Electoral College.

Happy 25th Birthday, Hal

HAL 9000 - Wikipedia

"In the film 2001, HAL became operational on 12 January 1992 at the HAL Laboratories in Urbana, Illinois as production number 3. "

220px HAL9000 svg

H/T WFMT, Chicago

So back to basics then

Obama’s moving farewell, Trump’s terrifying hello - The Washington Post

E.J. Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post laments…

"The new standard for presidential statements must be: 'Mistrust and verify.’"

Sounds like the old Chicago News Bureau admonition to cub reporters: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out."

Perfection: Let’s get it all over with in one month


The first week I get my annual cold. The second week is Friday the 13th. The third week, Trump gets inaugurated. The fourth week…well, you’re beginning to see the trend here, aren’t you?

Meanwhile, The liberals have come to love the CIA; the Democrats are the hard-liners on Russia and he Republicans just want to get along—except John McCain, of course, who is now a liberal hero. And Lindsey Graham.

An outgoing president who’s dropped 12,000 bombs on Syria and another 12,000 on Iraq and scattered another couple thousand bombs over five other countries none of whom we are at war with all in the last year lectures on American values.

Alabama lost.

First we get warned about “fake news,” then we get “unsubstantiated reports.”

California is “rain weary” and another big winter storm is blowing in.



America's favorite sport is watching TV commercials

A regulation college football game is 60 minutes. It took four hours to televize one last night. Granted, it was a game worth watching. But still.

Somebody did a study a while back that found NFL televised games, on average, featured 100 commercials and a mere 11 minutes of actual football being played.


A different kind of Obamacare

Politics, Power, and Preventive Action How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2016?

"In President Obama's last year in office, the United States dropped 26,171 bombs in seven countries. This estimate is undoubtedly low, considering reliable data is only available for airstrikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, and a single "
strike," according to the Pentagon's definition, can involve multiple bombs or munitions. In 2016, the United States dropped 3,027 more bombs—and in one more country, Libya—than in 2015."



A new, 21st Century superhero is born

Man phones police from roof of speeding car to thwart thief | Reuters

"Police commander Christophe Lesznewski said the chase through Oyonnax town and then on the motorway lasted several minutes before the car, an aging Renault Clio, left the main road and slowed down…"

We’re calling him Phoner-Man.


From an AP story datelined Durham, N.C.…

Winter storm hits New England after icing over the South

"The National Weather Service said 19.5 inches of snow fell on East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, about 30 miles south of Boston, with areas of Rhode Island reporting a foot of snow, and up to 10 inches of snow falling in parts of Connecticut."

Given how much we in the northern climes like to yuk it up about snow in the south…6 inches in Winston-Salem, har, har…this is pretty wonderful. 

Although here in our pleasant valley we got less than an inch of it.

Also something something Packers

Beat them other guys!

What, stealing all the CDs is not enough for them?

How China uses Shakespeare to promote its own bard | The Economist

That’s right. China’s trying to horn in on Shakespeare by promoting their own playwright, a guy named Tang after the famous powdered orangy space drink, who wrote four plays (none of them especially quotable, the Economist notes) and died the same year Shakespeare did. We think it will not be long before The Donald gets those pesky Chinese straightened out and brings Shakespeare back to the good old USA, where he belongs. 

The Donald is already making great strides toward regreatizing the USA by getting the New York Times to run pro-CIA op-eds (Trump’s Dangerous Anti-C.I.A. Crusade), and realize those Tea Party jokes aren’t jokes (The Tea Party and the Art of the Mean Joke).

And the entire city of Washington, D.C., says Maureen Dowd, is suffering pre-traumatic stress disorder.