First-world rebellions

  • Toss a piece of junk mail into the trash bag, not the recycle bin.
  • Rinse, but don’t repeat.
  • Buy a bag of gluten.
  • Ask if the chicken livers are organic.
  • Request plastic, not paper.

Icicles are cool

In fact, cold.


When people think it's cute to address you as "young man" you know you are way, way over the hill.


Yet another Trump scandal!

Trump will not fill out an NCAA tournament bracket - The Washington Post


"Astounding" is just not enough word

How White Castle Became an Unlikely Valentine’s Day Destination - Eater

"White Castle, the 96-year-old burger chain centered in the midwest and mid-atlantic, isn’t exactly known as a first-class eatery. White Castle is a place for, above everything, tiny hamburgers that cost pocket change: the original slider with and without cheese both still run you less than a dollar. That’s why it’s truly astounding that every single year for one night only, White Castle becomes a fine-dining establishment."

Forget about the money—why not put him to work?

Lance Armstrong: Ex-cyclist loses bid to stop lawsuit | SI.com

"The government wants at least triple the amount of the Postal Service’s sponsorship funds back from Armstrong, which means he could be paying more than $100 million in damages."

Think of all the mail this guy could deliver.

Fast, too.

Good for you, Swedes!

Swedish supermarket tests lasers to label organic produce

"Swedish supermarket chain ICA started experimenting in December with "natural branding," a process that uses low-energy carbon dioxide lasers to remove the pigment from the outer skins of fruits and vegetables."

Sweden is that place you think about when somebody else says, “Why, in every other civilized country in the world blah blah blah….” You never think of Venezuela, right? Or the Philippines. Or even Egypt. No, you think of Sweden. That’s where Swedes live.

And you’re right! Seriously, if they can figure out a way to tattoo tomatoes so I don’t have to scrape those (&(_(^&^ stickers off them any more, they will be the best people ever."

Better than Canadians, even.

And you thought we had enough problems already

FBI Releases Article on Romance Scams

Silly you. You weren’t even close.

Luckily the FBI has got us covered.

Yes, Bunky, history does repeat itself

Recycle your used glass bottles into cost-effective candles with this kit / Boing Boing




I’ve been distracted from book reading recently by other exciting things (watching snow melt! Taking long naps!) but I did manage Bernard Cornwall’s Waterloo, YA account of the famous battle in 1815. Cornwell has authored many volumes of historical military fiction, several excellent examples of which have appeared hereabouts in the past, but this is straight and carefully researched, certainly not the first and probably not the last to be attempted. I’m leaving it off the regular list but you can find it here. New books for the list are underway.

Yes we have no bananas

A new frontier for naming rights

Atlanta zoo names cockroach after Patriots QB Tom Brady


So here we have California…

Engineers race to lower water level of Oroville reservoir before new storms move in - LA Times

complaining about too much water. 

It seems like only yesterday. 

How high can you count?

UConn notches 100th straight win and aims much higher | New York Post

"Auriemma never thought his team would come close to reaching the century mark, let alone break the previous record set by the Huskies from 2008-10. The Hall of Fame coach set up the most difficult non-conference schedule in the country, playing five of the top eight teams in the AP before Monday, including road games at No. 2 Maryland, No. 4 Florida State and No. 7 Notre Dame."


Get your Valentines Day on

6 obsolete endearments | OxfordWords blog



How fast, how far, how big…

How Many Scruples in a Dram? 8 Historical Measurements | Merriam-Webster


A flake here, a flake there, pretty soon you're talking about real snow

The party that just won't end

Trump impeached? You can bet on it - POLITICO

"Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren't as long as you might think."