Eggs are back

World’s oldest woman says eggs are secret to long life | New York Post

Cookies, too.

Christmas seems to be winning

Bryant Park’s winter village isn’t waiting for snow to make dough - NY Daily News

"The kids haven't begged for their Halloween candy, the Cubs haven't even had a chance to blow the World Series, and my mother (who packs for a weekend getaway two months ahead) hasn't planned her Thanksgiving dinner yet. But Bryant Park is about to start selling Christmas presents."

The animals, the animals

From: 33 Things This Election Will Decide That Have Nothing to Do With Trump or Clinton - POLITICO Magazine

You may soon have a constitutional right to hunt and fish

…If the measures pass, the right to hunt and fish will be recognized in at least 20 state constitutions.

Massachusetts could be the first state to regulate how chickens and cows live

…The Humane Society of the United States has poured more than a million dollars into the “yes” campaign, and if the measure passes, it could soon show up on ballots in other states.

Elsewhere in Chicago, a cry for help

Cutler's return gives Bears 'new life'


What Does An 0-7 Start Tell You About An NFL Coach? | FiveThirtyEight

Somebody's doing worse than the Bears.

Don't worry, the fix is still in

Clinton says confident new emails will not change FBI probe's conclusion


Read the full story

Ohio sporting news

Cleveland gets one more World Series game (at least)

Until proven otherwise, though, these are still the Cubs. So when Cleveland closer Cody Allen pumped a 94-mph fastball past Chicago second baseman Javier Baez with runners on second and third to secure a fascinating 1-0 victory for the Indians, dread enveloped Wrigley again. 


Prankster plants Michigan flag in Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer's yard



The big tree in front of the neighbors' house…

…the one that broke during our last October snow and wiped out our power and everything else for a week, broke again last night. It took guys with chain saws and a big truck to clear the street. It knocked down the neighbors’ phone and internet but the power stayed on, and it didn’t affect us at all. Which is progress. Plus, there’s not much of that old tree left. One more good early snow should finish it off for good.

Nature is doing a better job of pruning that tree than the city, to whom it belongs.

And your point is…?

Could Hillary Clinton function without clichés? - The Washington Post

"It would appear that Clinton has an army of cliché writers on her staff. This is exactly the kind of language that — at best — makes people roll their eyes. And, in this year, hearing politicians sound so typical makes people angry. Does Clinton not hear how she sounds? Does her team not notice how she comes across? Can’t they put a stop to it? She is a parody of a candidate."

Are restaurants the new rock bands?

I started out to ask Siri a question this morning but changed my mind and said "oh never mind, just forget it."

That would have made a good name for a rock band, but Siri said, “I couldn’t find any matching restaurants."

The Democrats are deeply corrupt…

Clinton donor got State Department invite — and Bill got $17M | New York Post

And the Republicans are a national embarrassment (plus, Trump is going to need a much bigger wall than he thought…Scientists say weird signals from space are ‘probably’ aliens).

But you can’t not vote. (I’ve thought about it: It won’t work.)

Absent a None of the Above line on the ballot, the only option left is voting for a third-party or independent candidate. He or she won’t win. But your vote won’t be wasted. If enough people do it maybe somebody, somewhere will wake up. Meanwhile, we’re in for a rocky four years.

A photo gallery from the New York Daily News

Photographer captures abandoned New York City subways



If you're going to be flying drones, don't do it anywhere near Jennifer Youngman

Woman shoots drone: “It hovered for a second and I blasted it to smithereens.” | Ars Technica

"With a single shotgun blast, a 65-year-old woman in rural northern Virginia recently shot down a drone flying over her property."

Vote Transhuman! (Wait, what?)

Zoltan Istvan for US President 2016


And these guys want public housing too?

Inside ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’: Hacked memo reveals intersection of charity and personal income - The Washington Post

The memo, made public Wednesday by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, lays out the aggressive strategy behind lining up the consulting contracts and paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department. It describes how Band helped run what he called “Bill Clinton Inc.,” obtaining “in-kind services for the President and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.”


Trump family insists their brand hasn't been damaged

And Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 6, so that’s another hour we have to put up with this mess.

Are my feathers green?

‘Are my engine sounds a problem?’

(Ok, it's an in joke about a commercial for one brand of color TV back in the 70's, I think.)

But since you ask…No, Virginia, your engine sounds are not a problem but your squeaky shoes are driving me nuts.


Too late for me but…

…maybe you can still be president! Here are the requirements for running a write-in campaign in your state. 

US Presidential Write-in Candidate Requirements for each State

Good luck. (And thanks, G.)

Isn't she cute?

Hillary Clinton tweets ‘Happy birthday to this future president’ - NY Daily News


2016 MLB Predictions | FiveThirtyEight

But no cigar

I'm listening to a Chicago radio station, WFMT, reporting on last night's World Series game which Cleveland won 6-0. "But it was only 3-0 until the eighth inning," they say.

At least there's that.

Go Cubs.


Some English major gets a job, it's front-page news

Hunting for Soft Skills, Companies Hire English Majors

The Wall Street Journal

Heads up, business majors: Employers are newly hot on the trail of hires with liberal arts and humanities degrees. Class of 2015 graduates from those disciplines are employed at higher rates than their cohorts in the class of 2014, a survey shows. Read the full story


The Cubs

There's nothing in the news these days except the news, which is dreadful. And the Cubs. The Cubs are something else.

The last time the Cubs won a World Series it was 1906. They played Detroit. I became a fan in 1950 or so; I was in junior high school.

The best thing about the Cubs is you can be a Cubs fan without being much of a baseball fan. The Cubs are just the Cubs, and Wrigley Field is a fine place to spend a sunny summer afternoon. And that's enough. But wouldn't it be great to win this one?

Go Cubs.