Hunting the wild...worm?

MOSCOW, Idaho – The giant Palouse earthworm has taken on mythic qualities in this vast agricultural region that stretches from eastern Washington into the Idaho panhandle — its very name evoking the fictional sandworms from "Dune" or those vicious creatures from the movie "Tremors."

The worm is said to secrete a lily-like smell when handled, spit at predators, and live in burrows 15 feet deep.

link: Searchers shovel Northwest dirt seeking giant worm - Yahoo! News


Gallery of cell phone photos at NYTimes

"OK, this stuff is so good it makes me want to throw my camera away," notes our Midwest bureau chief, to agreement all around.

July in the garden

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Why it's a good idea to at least know how to scramble your own eggs

NAPLES, Fla. – A southwest Florida woman was arrested after deputies said she assaulted her 71-year-old common-law husband after he complained about her cooking.

link: Woman jailed after man complains about her cooking - Yahoo! News

Ponynapping in progress

Daisy day

Some eyebrows are just easily raised

McNelis said that while he couldn't speak for other Burger King franchisees, cutting the price of a double cheeseburger to $1 "is clearly a proposal that would raise some eyebrows."

link: Burger-King-Cheeseburger- -- chicagotribune.com

YA problem solved

Current materials used on bodies of chainsaws are too heavy for office use....

link: i.Saw - The World's First USB-powered Chainsaw

Your very own USB-powered desktop chainsaw: You'll wonder how you ever got through the day without one.


I used to say, back in the days when I worked for a living...

...that I'd do anything for a buck except write menus.

Here, pretty much, is why:

9 phrases to ban from restaurant menus
Restaurants, let's not forget, are in the business of selling you food (emphasis on the word "selling.") All too often, restaurateurs rely on tired menu cliches that they believe make the food sound better. But we see through it.

Chicago Tribune

Russian noir

“Russians love fairy tales and Communism was like a fairy tale,” Mr. Eskenazi said. “Russians also have a nostalgia for tragedy.”

link: Showcase: Russian Noir - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com

(For the photo gallery, click the link.)

They do look a little arty, now that you mention

FYI- The white bricks in the main lobby are actually art work. . .

Back when the JUMRF was built it was required by state statues that a portion of our appropriations for construction be used for art.



I don't know how it would work in a plane...

The low-cost airline would charge passengers less on "bar stools" with seat belts around their waists.

link: Ryanair to make passengers stand - Telegraph

...but in general, bar stools with seat belts sounds like a fairly good idea.


A whole new category of movie

From a Netflix movie description:

Amy Adams stars in this truth-inspired tale...

The truth-inspired movie in question is the upcoming Nora Ephron effort, "Julie & Julia," which features Meryl Streep as Julia Child (forget Amy Adams, whoever Amy Adams is), and that should be all you need to know about that.

Nice Work, Jerry!

Photo: Phil Compton