I voted for Jill Stein four years ago; it was a protest vote

But I don’t do protest votes any more. I’ve reformed. My heart is pure. I’m thinking of voting for her again.

Meet Jill Stein, the Other Anti-Establishment Progressive Running for President | GQ

"The Green Party candidate rails against corporations and Wall Street. She has a habit of getting arrested—three times in the last election alone. She also happens to be the plan B for a few progressive voters if this whole Bernie thing doesn’t work out. But who is Dr. Stein, really?"

Clearly we need tougher rats

Study ties cellphone radiation to brain, heart tumors in male rats

Cherish the discourage

DeWine challenges Obama's bathroom 'edict' - Toledo Blade

"'This attempt to nationalize and politicize the way schools address gender identity issues down to the level of school locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms might be dismissed as simple bureaucratic arrogance were it not so potentially harmful to our civic discourage and to the important rights and needs of all the school children involved,' he wrote in a letter to his federal counterpart, Loretta Lynch, and U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr."

Civic discourage is the order of the day. We don’t want nobody potentially harming that, no sir. 

So, only semi-nutso then?

Newt: 'Very stable' Corker would balance Trump ticket - POLITICO


It does sound somehow upsetting, now that you point it out

The Recorder - Sparks fly at Pioneer Valley Regional School Committee meeting

"'The system is bleeding administrators that are leaving,' said Scott Lyman, a former principal of Bernardston Elementary School and Gill Elementary School, who was the first to speak."

What it's come to


Ah, sweet irony

Baylor Fires Football Coach Art Briles and Demotes President Ken Starr - The New York Times

"Kenneth W. Starr, the independent counsel who delivered a report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, was removed as president of Baylor University on Thursday after an investigation found 'fundamental failure' by the university in its handling of accusations of sexual assault against football players."

Don't get me started

High school super sorry about Hitler, Stalin, ISIS yearbook quotes | New York Post

"Students can get a refund on the books, or stickers to cover up the quotes."

But, stickers? Hey, here’s an idea that’ll get you into the 1%: Sticker kits. You could sell yearbook sticker kits, Shakespeare sticker kits, a Moby Dick sticker kit (gigantic white stickers, and lots of them), a sticker kit for biology books. Nobody would ever again have to read anything they didn’t want to.

Sort of like the internet for print.

And a good thing for us all

The Diane Arbus You've Never Seen - The New York Times

“…(of whom Norman Mailer once said, in a famously backhanded compliment, that giving a camera to her was like giving a hand grenade to a baby)"


It ain't easy being Trump

Trump: The RNC is forcing rich people’s money on me | New York Post


Bring the heat

This summer is going to be hot as hell | New York Post


So, dumb and bad then

Official State Department Report Confirms That Hillary’s Private Email Server Was Dumb and Bad

"This is obviously on some level bad for Clinton's presidential campaign…

“[But] At this point it doesn't look like Clinton's use of the private server, however ill-advised, is going to sink her campaign."

That’s what we want in a president: Dumb and bad.

Thanks, Slate!

Look, nobody wants more taxes but…

…I’m just saying here, if we put a cabaret tax on all the politicians we could pay for all their endlessly expensive blather and retire the debt as well, in record time. 

Who could look away?

Hillary Clinton Is Criticized for Private Emails in State Dept. Review - The New York Times

"Security and records management officials told the inspector general’s office that 'Secretary Clinton never demonstrated to them that her private server or mobile device met minimum information security requirements,' the report said."

Not that the Grey Lady isn’t trying. To look away, that is. The New York Times, which has been yammering a couple of weeks now about Bernie needing to get out of the race because the Clintons have it sewn up now notes:

[New allegations about her server] have all come to a climax just as she is close to defeating Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Soooo close. But still no cigar.

Meanwhile The Hill reported Monday…

"A Romanian hacker who claimed to have broken into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal email server is expected to plead guilty to U.S. criminal charges in a federal court this week."


"His access to longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal’s email account first exposed Clinton’s use of a private email account during her time in office."

Sidney’s server, apparently, wasn’t any more secure than Hill and Bill’s.

Imagine our shock.



More than 20 professors back Tom Brady in Deflategate | Boston Herald


Finally somebody's talking sense

NAACP calls for resignation after graduation beard brouhaha - NY Daily News

"The American Mustache Institute put out a release Monday saying that it had written a letter to Kolwe and told him that the move was discriminatory towards the mustachioed.

"It said the Jones-less graduation “represents a clear and dangerous precedence and an egregious violation of young peoples’ civil liberties” and shared the uncited statistic that those with mustaches score 27% better than the national average on standardized tests."

United sense, maybe, but still.

Too busy fighting the Donald to care about you, Bunky

Hillary Clinton Declines Invitation to Debate Bernie Sanders - The New York Times

"The announcement came hours after Mrs. Clinton unleashed a biting critique of Donald J. Trump while addressing a union convention, mocking his business record and offering a glimpse at how she might confront him in the general election."


Afternoon at the mall

The old Mohawk Trail runs up over that hill and the mountains behind it and winds up in upstate New York near Albany.

Starting to sound a little more like Dickens every day

At 78, Bill Cosby’s life is a blur of legal minutiae, lawyers and judges - The Washington Post

"He has been entangled in at least seven defamation, sexual assault or sexual battery lawsuits filed against him by 13 accusers in three states. The criminal prosecution in suburban Philadelphia is scheduled to resume May 24 with an important hearing to determine whether the stalled case can now move forward. And there are the civil cases with his insurance company, American International Group (AIG), which doesn’t think it should have to cover Cosby’s legal fees or judgments in cases filed by several accusers who claim they were defamed by him."

Now do you care who gets appointed to the court?

NFL's Brady to appeal 'Deflategate' ruling, lawyer tells ABC News | Reuters

"If the court denies the motion, the next step for Brady and the NFL players union would be to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court."

This is your left elbow speaking

Levi's and Google partner to create smart denim jacket - NY Daily News


So here's the real question about the Clintons' excellent speaking business

How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M | New York Post

  • "10/29/2013, The Goldman Sachs Group Tuscon, AZ: $225,000
  • "11/6/2013, Beaumont Health System Troy, 111: $305,000”

What’s the difference between the Goldman Sachs Group of Tuscon and the Beaumont Health System of Troy, New York, that’s worth $80,000?