Sort of like it's a rebuilding year for the Bears

‘Rebuilding year’ for Dems, Lynch says | Boston Herald


Way to spoil the fun, Post

Anti-Trump protesters don’t know what a real dictator is | New York Post

"It’s time to stop acting like we’re living through the Arab Spring. The protesters in the streets over Donald Trump’s victory aren’t dissidents rising up to demand free elections. They’re rising up to oppose a free election."


Can anything more go wrong?

Trump win puts U.S.-Russia hostility on hold - but for how long?


After years of rising U.S.-Russia tensions over Ukraine, Syria, cyber attacks and nuclear arms control, Donald Trump's election as U.S. president may offer a narrow window to repair relations as he and Russian President Vladimir Putin size up each other. Read the full story

Dude, if we don't keep that U.S.-Russia hostility going, what will we have left to believe in?

Some guy in Nebraska never quite gets around to picking Bears over Bucs

Lincoln Journal Star The Chicago Bears are coming off a bye following just their second win of the season in a big Monday night upset of the Minnesota Vikings.

Now I'm really going back to bed

Here's whom Democrats could turn to in 2020 to unseat Trump | New York Post



Tired of obsessing about politics?

Click here and relax:

Doughnut Kitten by Tania Hennessy

See? Back to normal already

Post-Election Hangover: What to Drive to Escape Reality

David Duke was a Democrat once

So was I. Does that make me David Duke? I think not. 

Aaron Sorkin pens letter to teen daughter about Trump's America - NY Daily News

"The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons."

For the record, when Duke was running in the 1988 Democratic primary I was tramping around the neighborhood campaigning for some guy named Dukakis. 

Duke is a Trump backer now. Does that make everybody who voted for Trump Duke? Of course not. And implying so is unhelpful. And dumb.

Nightmares end. This too shall pass.

Why should any of it make sense?

Stars urge their fans to 'fight' after Trump win

Fox News

May [sic] stars criticized Donald Trump for suggesting he might not accept the election results. Read the full story


Photo from Twitter

Will California float?

With Trump’s win Silicon Valley investors start losing their damn minds | TechCrunch

"Shervin Pishevar and Dave Morin are already (half-jokingly?) calling for California’s secession. And Pishevar is looking to fund the movement."


Wait. I think I'm having a flashback here. It's…

Clinton suffers devastating loss to Trump - POLITICO

Oh, and also…

Netanyahu calls Trump 'a true friend' of Israel - POLITICO

So at least there's that.

Meanwhile, I just spilled a cup of tea all over myself and the kitchen floor, so maybe this is going to be a bad day.


So I think I'll go get one more bag of potato chips…

…(potatoes are a vegetable) and then settle in to watch the end of the world.

I did vote. I have a little "I voted" sticker stuck to the inside of my pocket. So that's that.

I don't do three-cushion voting. It's not a bank shot. I vote for the person among those available I think would do the best job, not Person B who might keep Person C from beating Person D. But hey, if you like watching things bounce around, go for it.

Everybody gets (or should get) one vote, and everybody should use it. If you haven't yet, get going.

Actually, the Democrats did that

How hackers eroded Americans' trust in democratic process - CSMonitor.com

See also:

Why Election Day hacking risks are overblown

One big world

From Kenya, US gets helping hand with election monitoring - CSMonitor.com

"The USA Election Monitor, which went live last week, is an interactive map that displays real-time reports from the public of any attempts at voter intimidation or fraud. Members of the public can contribute reports via text, email, Twitter, or phone, while volunteers will sort and verify the claims."



Nobody can say President Obama didn't work hard to elect Hillary Clinton: According to Twitter's unofficial presidential historian, Mark Knoller of CBS News, Obama has appeared 17 times on her behalf during this election cycle.

Except Russia, I hope

Hillary Clinton Is the World's Choice for U.S. President, Poll Finds


More than 100,000 people from 130 countries took the online poll 

Read the full story


Look! A 15-year old story on NBC!

Hackers Find Security Flaws in Some Voting Machines - NBC News

Birtherism? Again?

This guy seems to be saying Trump is an American and Clinton is not.

Heaven help us — George Carlin was right: Donald Trump is America - Salon.com


Moose on the loose?

Why the quotation marks there, masslive? Something you're not telling us?

Bull moose, 'trapped' in rental lot at Bradley International Airport, prompts police to close Route 20 | masslive.com

Vatican tries to influence U. S. election

Pope makes subtle jab at Trump before Election Day | New York Post


Please chunk responsibly

Pumpkin launcher explodes injuring woman at Delaware competition - NY Daily News

Contestants launch pumpkins with a variety of homemade contraptions. The event had been canceled for the past two years because of problems finding insurance.


I'm waiting for the first all-emoji novel (but not in a good way)

What it's Like Inside the World's First Emoji Convention 😜


Where debates over the future of language intertwine with poo emoji pillows Read the full story

People who don't care what happens to your scrawny butt

Celebrities who said they'll leave America if Trump wins
SF Gate

Celebrities: They panic just like us. Since even before the presidential primaries began, the specter of a Donald Trump presidency has compelled some jittery Americans, famous or otherwise, to threaten leaving the country if it happens. It's the kind of usually empty threat that has been directed at such previous candidates as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and plenty others. Read the full story

The weekend of the punching bags

Looks like the top-ranked college football teams are gunning for bowl bids and national playoff slots about now: Alabama, the pikers, only scored 10 points in beating LSU, but Washington rolled up 66 points; Ohio State, 62; Loisville, 52; Clemson, 54; Michigan, 59; TCU, 62; and Washington State, 69 against totally crushed opponents. And there were a few mere blowouts on the scoreboard as well. Ouch.

Numbers gone astray

Man accused of kidnapping SC woman confesses to 2003 murders, sheriff says

CBS News 

That's a whole lot of murders, CBS.