And a lifetime award for work avoidance goes to…

Nobody knows cartoons like the New Yorker's Bob Mankoff. Were mine good enough for him? - The Washington Post

"This is almost like work," he faux-whined in a nasal New York-ese as the cartoonists paraded through, their submissions among the 500 he reviews in a week. "I've dedicated my life to avoiding work. This is like the Motor Vehicles Bureau."


Trump is missing a big wall-building opportunity here

How liquor shops are getting around India's latest booze ban

The Economist

IT WAS the classic shot-chaser combination. First India's Supreme Court upheld a recent decision barring retail sales of alcohol within 500m of a state or national highway. Then it extended the ruling to hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs. 

One bar has constructed a maze with pre-fabricated concrete walls that artificially increase the distance from its front door to the highway to just a little over 500m. The zigzag warren leading up to the watering hole has been nicknamed the "Wall of Love" and cost some 200,000 rupees ($3,000) to build. 

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For serious math geeks

Why Spider-Man Should Just Take the Subway | FiveThirtyEight

And by the way, it's National Superhero Day.

And you thought all that stuff would never come in handy

NYPD: Woman shot at point-blank range saved by her purse

New diet plan revealed; called "Going to Yale"

Yale Grad Students Go on 'Symbolic' Hunger Strike Where They're Allowed to Eat

…"protesters can leave and get food when they can no longer go on."

Also, for the record…

"Yale doctoral students currently earn a stipend $30,000 a year, receive free health care, and have their $40,000 tuition paid in full, according to Yale News."


Maybe Dems could teach the Russians a thing or two

"Shattered" Reveals Clinton and Sanders Staffs Struck Deal to Hide Protests

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Activism takes a new turn

New Manhattan cocktail bar provides anti-Trump safe haven

Choosing to drink at Coup “makes you feel like you’re doing something,” attorney Matthew Hayes told the AP. “Instead of just getting sotted, you can also throw something to a good cause.”


Can't wait to see the movie

Dozens of snakes dumped in Arkansas Walmart parking lot
Fox News

Arkansas police received calls from frightened customers who encountered the dozens of snakes that were dumped in the parking lot of a local Walmart. Read the full story

You did it this time, United

United probing in-flight death of prized rabbit | New York Post

Edwards previously told The Sun that Simon had a check-up with the vet three hours before the flight and "was fit as a fiddle."


As well he should

Man in bunny suit who blew air horn at police pleads guilty

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Got a little sand in your eye? Maybe you can sell it to China!

The Economist explains: Why there is a shortage of sand | The Economist

"No surprise…that Asia is the biggest consumer of sand. China alone accounts for half of the world's demand."

Steampunk rules

Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth's Crude Oil Giants: Analyst - Bloomberg


"Water can be used as a propellant in space or split into hydrogen and oxygen, and then recombined and combusted. Deep Space Industries Inc., an asteroid mining company, has developed a thruster that heats water into a steam propellant, according to Goldman."

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Facebook declines to give us free brain implants

Facebook Is Pioneering Technology That Allows Users to Type Using Just Their Thoughts

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BUT says "We're working on a system that will let you type straight from your brain about 5x faster than you can type on your phone today."

We say, this is one of the most terrifying ideas we've heard in a long, long time.