And we believe every word of it, of course we do

Bank of America paid Clintons speaking fees, too – more than $1M worth | Miami Herald

"Clinton’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment, but the former secretary of state has said she favors tough regulation of Wall Street."

So very, very true

Tips To Maximize Battery Life And Battery Lifespan Of Your iPhone, iPad And Other iDevices, According To Apple : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times

"There's no denying that in this day and age, most people rely on portable devices, particularly in running a few errands."

Not quite the same, but thanks for playing

(Also, maybe.)

But no baggage

Looking for quiet? Worcester aiport might be the place - The Boston Globe

"'There’s been bobcat sightings,' said airport director Andrew Davis."

Please! No! Not that vivid! It hurts!

The ugly truth about Obama’s ‘pretty darn great’ economy | New York Post

"To put this more vividly, imagine that you are in a car riding shotgun next to Ronald Reagan. You just left New York City and are heading south on Interstate 95. You zoom along in the fast lane, at 78 mph. You just passed a sedan in the next lane. A totally average motorist drives it and strictly obeys the 65 mph speed limit. And way back, in the rear-view mirror, a third auto slouches in the slow lane. Behind the wheel is Obama, plodding forward at 35 mph."


The definition of "long shot"

WATCH: UConn guard hits buzzer-beater from beyond halfcourt - NY Daily News


Trumped in Chicago

Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles - The New York Times

"In one only-in-Chicago insult, a protester carried a sign reading, 'Trump puts ketchup on his hot dog.'"



No Roundhouse Kicks for Cruz as Chuck Norris Walks Back an Endorsement

“The man famous for dispatching bad guys with a roundhouse kick to the face either got cold feet or never intended to endorse Cruz in the first place."

And even worse is what happens next

Here’s how good all 50 states are at picking presidential nominees, in 1 chart - The Washington Post

"The way we pick presidential nominees is relatively stupid."

Whoa! First The Donald and now this!

Anything's healthy…

…if you put a little spinach on it, is my current culinary rule. Baloney and cheese sandwich? Add a few leaves of spinach. Hot dog? Garnish with spinach (and ketchup, of course). Spam? Toss a little spinach on there, naturellement. Hey, spinach in eggs too.

What about spinach cookies, you may ask. Me too.

You might call it midwinteritis…

…or possibly Trumphobia or, if you are inclined to the clinical, slothno matter how you diagnose it, my reading fell off rather alarmingly last month. I am now, however, in recovery with a nifty volume of writings from Vanity Fair, recommended by the irreplaceable M via our Midwest and Elsewhere Bureau, more about which—the book, that is—anon.

Meanwhile, notes.

Sinclair Lewis, in 1935, wrote a novel called It Can’t Happen Here which, if you were to read it now, would make you believe it was written yesterday, or possibly next year. It’s available for ten bucks from the various purveyors of digital media, but I would suggest trolling a library first if you’re interested in giving it a look. It’s a trying read, full of topical allusions from the 1930’s that can be pretty distracting at best. Nor is it by any means Lewis’s best work. Still, if you’re wanting a tale in which The Donald is a D and not an R, this is the one for you.

And, in poking around on the political web site RealClearPolitics.com I discovered there’s also a RealClearBooks.com and, for the glutton, a RealClearHistory.com as well.

So may words…

GOP candidates impersonate grown-ups for two hours, make front-page news


…this opinion piece is from that little Tucker’s web site, a known right-wing sump, and granted the author, one Roger Stone, is billed as men’s fashion editor, still, as Stone says, you really can not make this stuff up.

Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name | The Daily Caller

"Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, (who plied him with Chinese prostitutes) has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can’t make this stuff up."


Or if Trump gets elected, maybe England will take us back

Some New England lawmakers propose leaving Eastern Time

"Some lawmakers in New England want to go even further, seceding from the populous Eastern Time Zone and throwing their lot in with Nova Scotia and Puerto Rico."

Oh no! Another liberal Commie pinko plot uncovered!

Liberals want your car keys

"Liberals would be thrilled to death if we all drove the exact same type and model of car (or, rather, had it drive us). I think it might be a little boring. All those Toyota Priuses . . ."

Keep your eyes on those pols

The Socialist who finds his children playing with soldiers is usually upset, but he is never able to think of a substitute for the tin soldiers; tin pacifists somehow won’t do. Hitler, because in his own joyless mind he feels it with exceptional strength, knows that human beings don’t only want comfort, safety, short working-hours, hygiene, birth-control and, in general, common sense; they also, at least intermittently, want struggle and self-sacrifice, not to mention drums, flags and loyalty-parades.

–George Orwell, March, 1940 (From The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, Volume 2.)


Chicago may ban athletes from using chewing tobacco at home games

San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles have passed similar bans that take effect this season while New York and Toronto have legislation pending. A statewide ban in California is scheduled to take effect in time for the 2017 season.

All in all, a big day in Oregon

Ore. man invades home, runs from police, falls off cliff, gets stuck in tree - NY Daily News

"A group of about 20 cops and rescue workers eventually tied a rope to the naked man’s chest and one to his leg, maneuvering the ties until they could suspend the yelling suspect and bring him to the ground, according to the East Oregonian."

Not just Buckeyes are nuts

Jim Harbaugh recommends Judge Judy for Supreme Court - NY Daily News

"The Michigan football coach, who has never been scared to express himself on social media, recommended in a tweet Wednesday night that President Obama nominate Judith Sheindlin -- or Judge Judy -- for the vacant spot."

Setting the bar

Did raw milk make WV lawmakers sick? | MSNBC

"Several West Virginia lawmakers have fallen ill, possibly due to raw milk consumed while celebrating a new bill allowing the sale of raw milk."


No one is safe from the Google any more

So, About That ‘Tiny Hands’ Trump Chrome Extension… | WIRED

"You can install extensions that replace Trump’s name with 'your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving,' or that add actual Trump quotes every time his name appears, or that remove any mention of him whatsoever."


March freaking 9th

The widget hit 75 today (or higher, but let's not jinx this thing). A little gray-haired lady walking along Main Street broke into the song from Oklahoma!: "Oh what a beautiful morning…."

Move over, Miss Piggy

San Francisco, California, runaway piglet stops traffic - CBS News

A runaway piglet named "Janice" could stop traffic just about anywhere, I bet,

And the new Chris Christie is…

Carly Fiorina Backs Ted Cruz For President

Bring on the veepstakes (or, in The Donald’s case, steaks).

On stepping out for a smoke

Drunk passenger tries to open plane door at 30,000 feet | New York Post


Sometimes a person just gets too cute

Half true, or standard politicianese

PolitiFact rates Clinton's auto-bailout attack on Sanders 'half true' - POLITICO

"'The money was there, and had to be released in order to save the American auto industry and 4 million jobs, and to begin the restructuring,' she said then. 'I voted to save the auto industry. He voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry.’"


Battling for the mo

Trump has won Michigan, the NY Times says; Kasich and Cruz are "hoping to seize momentum” from a second-place finish. The momentum, plus a buck or so, will get them a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. Marcio is a blip.

So you see where all this Stop Trump stuff is getting us

Chuck Norris Campaigns With Ted Cruz | The Daily Caller

"The 75-year-old actor is set to appear at a rally in Concord for the Republican front-runner, along with Glenn Beck and retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin. (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Ted Cruz Would Make A Great President)"

Of course

Hillary Clinton Impartial In Apple Versus FBI iPhone Unlock Case - Fortune

"It’s not just Hillary who is undecided on the issue. Recent polls have shown conflicting results about the American public’s sentiments."

That pretty much explains it right there. But also…

"'It’s a problem we’ve got to come up with some way to solve,' Clinton said, Bloomberg reports. 'And I am not expert in any way to tell you how to do it.’"

She doesn’t know much about computer security.

Imagine our surprise.

Possibly wary, although weary works too, and could be both

FBI, Pentagon Face Off Over Encryption

"The government has already has already faced an unprecedented number of leaks and hacks in recent years, and the FBI's demand for backdoors is making the Pentagon weary."

Knows a thing or two about losing, this one

Romney sends out robo-calls for Rubio, against Trump | Fox News

"Rubio is trailing in the polls in Michigan -- which offers the biggest delegate prize among primaries being held on Tuesday. Trump has held the lead there, but faces the closest challenge from Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz."

Meanwhile, the Republican party’s war against itself heats up on other fronts, as described in this piece from the Huffington Post (HT/Some Guy) and this from the Atlantic, and a whole lot more.

Wettest on record, or not

Strangely (it seems to me), despite a winter nearly devoid of snow, we had a pretty normal amount of moisture where I live, with plenty more coming down the river from up north. Up in the top left corner, looks like even more.


Just bought a nice new SUV? Ooops

How Russia May End Up Controlling 73% of Global Oil Supply | TIME


Who are these others of whom you speak?

Italy’s Famed Wine Region a War Zone, Invaded by Boars and Others - The New York Times

"If that sounds something like a war, the battlefield is the prized vineyards of Chianti, Italy’s vaunted wine region in the heart of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

"And the enemy? An exploding population of voracious wild boars and deer that savor the sugary grapes and the vines’ tender sprouts, but that are also part of the region’s famed landscape, hunting traditions and cuisine."

Can Washington be right this time?

We declare winter over and spring here, effective today - The Washington Post


Takes one to know

Taking lessons from the Clintons?

The perks of donating to de Blasio’s nonprofit | New York Post

"SEIU 1199, the powerful health-care-workers union, gave $500,000 to CONY, and in 2014, it received a nine-year contract with raises retroactive to 2009, records show.” [Etc.]

Seems like a lot of this going around these days.

Waiting around for Spring


Cruz: All the awful and none of the fun

As Cruz Crushes Caucuses, GOP Establishment Needs A Drink And A Hug - The Daily Beast

"Over the past six weeks, the GOP establishment has moved from denial to anger to bargaining in the stages of grief that have accompanied this outsider election. But with Rubio’s big fade, the Hail Mary of a brokered convention looks even less likely. And what’s left of the party’s center-right is heading for the next stage of depression. A hug and a drink are in order, as their party prepares to be wrested away from reform Republicans."