We're not even trying to imagine this. No way.

Nearly 20 Percent Of Young Adults Use Their Smartphones During Sex: Survey

"The survey from Harris Interactive on behalf of startup Jumio did not ask respondents what they are 'using' the phones for. Perhaps there's something much more kinky going on here. Probably though it's just a lot of people surreptitiously glancing at their iPhones to see if they got a text or a new comment on their Facebook post."

OK, I give up

What is a gorgeous yoga?

Way to go, New Hampshire GOP chairwoman!

New Hampshire GOP chairwoman calls congressman untruthful | Boston Herald

We're glad they're having such a good time

Jobs enjoy spring rebound | Boston Herald

(Also, apropos nothing much, what is the opposite of “rebound”?)

Beware eggsasperating puns

Egg rationing in America has officially begun - The Washington Post

"The news, as the grocer suggests, comes on the heels of what has been a devastating several months for egg farmers in the United States. Avian flu, which has proven lethal in other parts of the world, has spread throughout the United States like wildfire. Since April, when cases began spreading by the thousands each week, the virus has escalated to a point of national crisis."

Once upon a time, in the long, long ago…

…it was possible to buy a thing called a burger in a place called a joint and maybe, if this was a ritzy joint, it would come with a dill pickle spear on the side, and then you would squirt some ketchup on it (the burger, not the pickle), and it was good. Now you need a degree in eatology…

This Is the Story of the Hamburger -- Grub Street


From today's Duluth Harbor Cam

So far, that is

Lincoln Chafee Had the Worst Campaign Rollout of the Year

Going backward or just standing still?

I took a three-mile walk this morning, punctuated by a stop at Dunkin' for a cup of coffee and a free donut (see: National Donut Day, below). And then I walked another two miles for a hot dog (yes, I found the hot dog guy). I'm not sure if I'm gaining or loosing, but I'm counting the hot dog as lunch. Because it was covered with cheese.

Speaking of hot dogs…

…it seems the new (as of last summer) frozen yogurt store is going to the dogs now, and serving them on "New England style" buns. What you see on the sign is true: New England style buns are just like those horrible squishy buns you buy in the grocery store, but more horrible and squishier (if "perfectly steamed," horrible, squishy, and wet). Maybe elsewhere they are called Elsewhere buns. That would make sense, because who would buy them if they were called Ewww?

Why do we need a Supreme Court when we've got some town in Missouri?

Missouri Town Agrees That Holding People In Jail Because They’re Poor Violates The Constitution

We're getting a little tired of all these wars

Scott Walker’s Baffling War On Bikes

Let's give it a try then

It's National Doughnut Day! Where to get free doughnuts.

DealNews Pro Tip: Find every location near you giving away free donuts, and run from one to the next during your lunch break on June 5. You might burn off the calories of half a donut!

Dateline Moscow

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance

Wait, what?

But money is just speech (isn't it?)

FIFA Gets a Red Card

The Justice Department alleges that the 14 soccer pooh-bahs detained so far accepted more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks over a 24-year period.

Next thing you know, they'll be coming after Congress.

One more reason

GOP presidential hopefuls still rushing to Tom Brady’s defense

It’s a presidential tradition as old as the campaign itself: When candidates visit the early primary states, they’re expected to pander to the local voters on the state’s pet issue.

Good news for rats (kind of)

Mass. General researchers grow muscular rat arms in a dish

In a step toward a future in which custom-grown limbs are transplanted in people, Boston researchers have regrown muscles on the chopped-off arms of rats. When they were re-attached to the rodents, vascular channels filled with blood. And when a low current was applied to the muscles, they twitched.

Doe snot? Really?

"Of course they are looking for who is coming in, but that doe snot mean they are not looking at what is going out."

–from a comment regarding NSA activities in this morning's New York Times


Being Republican doesn't disqualify you from being poor

The Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN

…a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican…Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

Or using too many commas, but that's a whole different thing.

He's right

Lincoln Chafee doubles down on metric conversion

Changing over to the metric system is “one of many things” the U.S. should do to become more international, he said, noting as he did on Wednesday that the U.S. is alone with Myanmar and Liberia as the only countries still not using the system. He did not go into further detail.

Myanmar and Liberia? What more detail do you want?

This looks like working while avoiding to me


All right!

Rick Perry, Shrugging Off 2012, Announces He Will Run Again for President

Mr. Perry is the latest candidate to officially enter a crowded field of Republican presidential contenders, declared and undeclared…

This just keeps getting better.

Who talks like this?

Blazer came clean on FIFA payola in secret 2013 hearing

Among other things, I agreed with other persons in or around 1992 to facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for the 1998 World Cup,” Blazer told the court.

Guilty. That's a crime right there.

Please, please, please make it stop

Caitlyn Jenner still has her penis

No, Bunky, it's not high-end obesity

Facing Elite Bloat, Airlines Move the Goal Posts

In the last year, all three major airlines have increased the degree of eliteness necessary to book a premium economy seat well in advance, free. On United and American, this now requires reaching the 50,000-mile elite tier. Delta, true to its promise of greater exclusivity, reserves that benefit for Platinum Medallions, who fly at least 75,000 miles.
And it gets worse. Oh my.

Reminds me of a Chrysler I used to know


Indolence in spring

Yes, it's still spring, for a couple more weeks, and you would have known it if you'd been here yesterday, when the outdoor temp dipped so low it kicked the heat on in. That was not the kind of thing we want in June—but this is. Today. Sunny and seventy.

I walked downtown to look for the hot dog guy. The hot dog guy, on days like today and into the summer, sells street-quality franks with street-quality chili, kraut, and various other embellishments, adding up to an excellent streety snack. Or lunch. Depending on the time of day.

Today he was down at the other end of town. He moves around like that, from one end to another. The other end of town is only three blocks away but it seemed like too much work to walk that far. Instead, I walked home by a route I usually don’t take and came to Pete’s.

Pete’s is a picnic-tableish fish place, the kind where you give them your order at the counter and they shout out your name when it’s ready. Wednesday, it seems, the special is a shrimp boat. The boat part of the shrimp boat is one of those cardboard containers I associate with deli counters and old-fashioned butchers, and by volume (and weight) it really should be called a French Fry boat.

It was more than I wanted to spend and more than I wanted to eat for lunch. But it’s spring.

And I deducted for the hot dog I missed, so it wasn’t that bad.

The state that keeps on laughing

The founder of the church, Bill Levin, told The Washington Times that the IRS notified him last week of his organization’s newly approved 501(c)(3) status, which will allow individual federal tax write-offs for people who make charitable donations to the church. 
Members of the First Church of Cannabis believe that smoking marijuana is a religious observance. In Indiana, the use of marijuana is still illegal, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

Which includes me

(It's a video from CNN.)

Why is this guy not running for president too?

LePage’s war trades headlines for progress

Masked as “reform,” the governor proposed a plan that would disproportionately benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

(Not to worry, though.)

But I still wish I had one right now

The English muffin is not exactly English. 
As it turns out, Thomas’ English Muffins were invented…in New York.
[Tatiana Schlossberg in the New York Times]

Information may want to be free, but the internet? Never

Apple’s Tim Cook Accuses Facebook and Google of Violating User Privacy

“You might like these so-called free services, but we don’t think they’re worth having your email, your search history and now even your family photos data mined and sold off for God-knows-what advertising purpose,” Cook said. “We think some day, customers will see this for what it is.”


We need this guy running for president

Mike Huckabee said he wishes he could've been transgender in high school so he could've showered with girls, Buzzfeed reports him saying to a religious crowd earlier this year.

Oh wait. He already is?


Regulation is an art form in New England

If Food Was Pot, Boston Would Starve

All marijuana grown for sale in Mass dispensaries must be submitted to an accredited lab, where they are tested for various compounds, including heavy metals and cannabinoids, the active ingredients in the plant. Those labs then send results to the dispensaries, which report them to the state.

Transcredulous, we are

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

“We define transability as the desire or the need for a person identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment,” says Alexandre Baril, a Quebec born academic who will present on “transability” at this week’s Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Ottawa.

Cancel your Netflix—you can get plenty of entertainment this year free

Rand Paul Takes Credit for Advancing NSA Reform Bill He Opposes

A day after forcing a temporary shutdown of the National Security Agency's bulk collection of America's metadata, the Kentucky Republican said Monday night that his actions actually boosted the surveillance-reform bill known as the USA Freedom Act, which will likely pass the Senate in the coming days despite his repeated—and vociferous—objections that it doesn't go far enough protecting the privacy rights of Americans.

Link rot and the Wayback Machine

The Cobweb

The footnote, a landmark in the history of civilization, took centuries to invent and to spread. It has taken mere years nearly to destroy. A footnote used to say, “Here is how I know this and where I found it.” A footnote that’s a link says, “Here is what I used to know and where I once found it, but chances are it’s not there anymore.” 
(The Wayback Machine is here. Or was.)

Beat the rush—get started on your college debt early

To get into elite colleges, some advised to ‘appear less Asian’

Ivy Coach offers an “unlimited package” for students for $100,000, which includes helping them throughout high school with all aspects of their college applications: testing, essays, letters of recommendation, working with high school counselors.

This is in Boston? Really?

New rules lead Faneuil Hall street performers to go on strike

“Anyone who does not perform due to the sun will receive a written warning,” the rules state. A second offense is grounds for elimination from the program.


Artisanal ice cream trumps artisanal shooting in Oregon

Portlandia residents balk when triple shooting shutters artisanal ice cream parlor

When people want to taste their ice cream with grass notes and floral undertones, it turns out, they want them without delay. Never mind that they may be standing beside a crime scene.

Obama: The anti-fracking president

Obama Administration Opens Up Thousands Of Acres Of Public Lands To Coal Mining

Under the proposed plan, the BLM estimates that it will issue 28 new coal leases, which could open up the mining of 10 billion tons of coal over the next 20 years.

Photo: The new global language?

This Is What Teens Are Really Doing on Their Phones

To take pictures of the world around them, and to inject those photos into and across the screens that consume their mornings, their days, their nights, and a good portion of their present lives. Not to mention the entirety their future lives, as many of them report anticipating.

Crafty, those North Koreans

A U.S. cyberattack on North Korea failed because North Korea has basically no Internet

It turns out barely having an Internet infrastructure is a really good way to avoid the kind of "cyber-Pearl Harbor" U.S. officials have been warning about for years.

Apparently you're nuts

How much fun is too much fun?

Mark your calendar (and stock up on bacon)


This is how June starts?

We dropped from the mid-80s to the mid-50s today and we're going to stay there until Wednesday. Plus rain. OK, it's true we've been a little dry for the past week or two. But still.

Why not just sell them on eBay?

"In the collapse of Mosul, we lost a lot of weapons," Abadi said in an interview with Iraqiya state TV. "We lost 2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone." 
While the exact price of the vehicles varies depending on how they are armored and equipped, it is clearly a hugely expensive loss that has boosted IS' capabilities.

Comforting, maybe, and wonderfully amusing too

Shockingly, Americans Don’t Trust That Their Data Can Stay Private

Though it’s clearly upsetting news that people in the U.S. can’t trust government agencies to protect their privacy, it isn’t news, and it’s comforting on some level that at least people are paying attention.

Especially coming from a publication like Wired (and by extension, the current techie OMG crowd).

An article of geek faith in the early days of the internet was, "information wants to be free," by which was meant (in the common formulation) not "free" like in beer, but "free" like in speech. Information, true believers preached, could not be contained; it would escape its confines in the end.

And now it has.

Quelle horreur: De-locked

‘Love Locks’ to Be Cut Off Paris Bridge

The padlocks weigh almost 45 tons all together; part of the bridge collapsed last year under their weight. The 19th-century iron grates to which many of the locks are attached will be replaced with clear panels later this year.

Why does this seem a perfect representation of Obama's foreign policy?

John Kerry hospitalized after bike accident in Geneva | Chicago

"GENEVA — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in bike crash Sunday, apparently after hitting a curb, and scrapped the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the Islamic State group."

NEW! strikes again

My walking numbers were very good last week and anyway it's kind of raining, or at least it looks like rain, so I'm taking a kind of slow day today. I don't mind walking in the rain, especially at this time of year. Even when it's cold and nasty a good hat and an excellent slicker keep me pretty dry. And in the weather we're having now (somewhat on the high side of average for the season), a little spritz is refreshing. I carry a plastic bag to put my phone in.

So I did walk out to a place I could sit and read my current book (Rebel Yell) over a cup of coffee for a little while and then, on the way home, pick up some paper towels.

The paper towels I buy, a generic brand, are now NEW!, it turns out. They're fatter or something, puffier, more luxurious (!). And for the same price, one gets all these advantages plus 7.5 percent fewer sheets.