Seriously, how cool is this?

Turns out I have a 50s R&B channel on Pandora. I don't remember putting it there but there it is. Now playing: Wonder Why, by the Solitaires. Freakin' awesome.

So now I realize that anyone who listened to the Solitaires in real time, contemporaneously, has no right whatsoever to bitch about whatever terrible stuff those kids today are listening. No right at all.

Got to be something in the water there, right?

Here's some guy on the Washington (the DC one) baseball team who whacks himself with his own bat and puts himself out of action for two days. Seriously. I'm thinking if he hangs around in DC just a little longer he might even qualify for Congress.

Angry Harper hit in face by own bat, out two days – USATODAY.com

And you say that like it's a bad thing

Chemical makers fan the flames of fear - latimes.com

A typical American baby is born with the highest recorded concentrations of flame retardants among infants in the world.

We fireproof our babies! We're Number One!


Yes, Virginia, there is a button after all

But what is it doing in my pocket and why does it keep falling off my shirt? Just that one shirt? 

It's jinxed. Maybe it's jinxed. It's gotta be jinxed.

An undiscovered (by us, at least) treasure (until now, that is)

Salon Hack List 2011 - Salon.com

Not afraid of the wolf

The Trouble with Profiling : A guest post by Bruce Schneier : Sam Harris

Sometimes profiling works. Consider a sheep in a meadow, happily munching on grass.…

Otherwise not so much, says Bruce Schneier in this excellent article on profiling for security purposes, link above, well worth reading.


And not a minute too soon

Single Mother Bristol Palin Tells Obama Same-Sex Marriage is Wrong Because Kids Need a Mom and Dad

Bristol Palin finally — finally — weighed in on President Obama's same-sex marriage stance and, guess what? She's against it.

Didn't see that coming, huh?

We're Number One! Or something!

Bachmann moves to withdraw Swiss citizenship | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is no longer interested in having dual US-Swiss citizenship.

Two days after a Swiss TV news crew broke the story that Bachmann sought in February to have her Swiss citizenship registered by Swiss authorities, Bachmann issued the following statement:

"Today I sent a letter to the Swiss Consulate requesting withdrawal of my dual Swiss citizenship, which was conferred upon me by operation of Swiss law when I married my husband in 1978."

Wait, what?


Here's a guy who actually *deserves* a Republican governor

Undernews: Man Jumps In Front Of Wife's Car To Keep Her From Voting Against Governor

Chippewa Falls, Wis. police said Jeffrey Radle jumped in front of his wife's car to keep her from voting against Gov. Scott Walker in the state's Republican primary, according to the Journal Sentinel.…

The Sentinel reports that, when she tried to drive around him, Radle dove in front of the car, injuring his head, neck and back.

Somebody should do a study…

…(no, not me, I've never been much for study and I'm certainly not going to do it now, but still…) of all those pulp-fiction detective novels, not to mention the film noir, that involved a matchbook found in the victim's pocket or handbag or cluched in cold, dead hands (sorry, carried away) from a bar or nightclub somewhere that turned out to be the clue, the very clue that solved the case. And who's going to understand that anymore, who's going to get it, when you can't even smoke in bars and nightclubs nowadays so they sure don't give away free matches, what would be the point? 

They do, it turns out, still print advertising on matchbook covers (here's a link but be careful, it makes a lot of noise) but the closest they come to bars and nightclubs is liquor stores and a liquor store is not much of a clue, if you ask me. No tough guys. No molls. No sultry songbirds.

And speaking of tough guys, when the hard-boiled private eye walks up to a news stand and asks for a deck of Luckies, well, who's going to understand that, I ask you. What will we tell the children?


It's going to be a long, long summer

Obama’s gay marriage balancing act gets awkward | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

Ever since Vice President Joe Biden appeared on "Meet the Press" on Sunday and described his own journey to accepting gay marriage, President Barack Obama's campaign has been insisting that Biden's comments are "entirely consistent" with Obama's own position on the issue. The vice president's office also walked back the statements, clarifying that Biden was saying that gay married couples in states that allow it should have the same rights as straight married couples.

Emphasis mine. Really.