For the record here, about this immigration ban…

…I have little to say. I'm retiring from politics, having spent half a century squabbling over essentially the same issues non-stop and getting nowhere with it, and since I now live in one of the deepest blue bubbles in the universe there is hardly a soul handy to squabble with.

Still, as I say, for the record, here is the full text of the recent Trumpian proclamation about immigration, the one that's spawned all the headlines of a Muslim ban, in which you may note the words "Muslim" and "Islam" and, for extra credit "Christian," do  not appear. Not once. So calling it a  Muslim ban is not quite accurate reporting, IMO.

It—both the document itself and the policy it represents—is also, for a country that likes to call itself the home of the brave, remarkably chickenshit.

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