Also, did they ever pay for that time they burned the White House?

White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change | New York Post

"Members of Trump’s inner circle have warned British officials that it would be counterproductive for Charles to ‘lecture' Trump on green issues during the president’s June visit to Britain, and that the president will ‘erupt' if pushed, the Sunday Times of London reported."

Ran across an interesting observation this morning in an Atlantic piece by Dan P. McAdams, a psychology professor at Northwestern University:

"Most candidates want to win the election so that they can become president, but it seems like Donald Trump wanted to become president so that he could win the election."

McAdams goes on to say he thinks Trump will continue to create situations that allow him to “win” in the end. 

I don’t generally get enthused about attempts at long-distance psycho-analysis but this guy seems pretty careful with is conclusions…and anyway, I agree with him.

It’s gonna be a long four years. 

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