Information warfare is real

And virulent. And being waged aggressively over conflicts around the world. And like any other form of warfare it spills over in calamitous ways.

From the Washington Post:

Researchers revealed takedowns by platforms including Facebook and Twitter — now called X — of more than 150 bogus personas and media sites, and suggested that the accounts might have been created by the U.S. military.
Not might have been. Were.
Some of the accounts taken down included a made-up Persian-language media site that shared content reposted from the U.S.-funded Voice of America Farsi and Radio Free Europe. One fake account posted an inflammatory tweet claiming that relatives of deceased Afghan refugees had reported bodies being returned from Iran with missing organs. The tweet linked to a video that was part of an article posted on a U.S.-military affiliated website.
And more.

The question is, and remains, if we can't wage modern war without violating our own principles, which do we give up.

And are you sure?

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