No parade was rained on here today

We are in the midst of a serious parade shortage where I live, but there was no rain anyway.

It was the Memorial Day parade that got rained out this year. We had a Pride parade a couple of weeks ago but apparently the organizers never applied for a permit to walk in the street so the parade was really was really just a little more traffic than usual on the sidewalk. And it had no band. What is the point of a parade with out a band? It doesn't have to be a good band, it just has to have a little tune and some drums.

The Independence Day parade isn't anymore. I don't know exactly why, but probably it has to do with a lack of bands as well, people being on vacation and all. We do still have fireworks, and also hot dogs and potato salad, so all is not lost. But still, no parade.

Which leaves us with the County Fair parade in the autumn. It's the same parade every year, but every year there are different slogans on the floats. It's always kind of fun, but never surprising. 

Kind of like living here, now that you mention it.

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