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Snake colony plan remains slippery for Wildlife board | Boston Herald

"While saying 'all options are being considered,' Larson suggested the Blue Hills, an existing snake habitat, may not be an ideal destination, as setting snakes free in the area in the past has not caused an uptick in the population due to human-induced mortality."

We are running out of poisonous snakes in Massachusetts.

I know. I’m shocked too. The snakes are timber rattlesnakes and there are only 200 of them left, according to some guy from the animal department. One reason there are so few of them is people go out and cut off their heads, according to the animal department guy. Cut off the snakes’ heads, the people do, not their own heads, of course. This is what the animal department refers to as “human-induced mortality."

Now the state is trying to figure out how to get more snakes, which seems silly to me. If we only have to induce 200 more heads to get rid of the critters entirely, why not get on with it?

St. Patrick got the snakes out of Ireland and he gets a parade every year.

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