The guy is unhinged

Get ready for a four-year-long pageant - The Washington Post
"Unless, of course, all those potential adversaries stop taking the bait. That’s what it will take to turn the tables on the political dynamic now in place."
President the Donald, I’m talking about here, in case you’re wondering. That speech at the CIA yesterday, in front of the Memorial Wall, makes the point all by itself.

[Although, well, it may not be politic to notice, but the CIA was established on this day—January 22—in 1946. If there really are 38 stars on the wall, as Trump’s speech suggested, given the state of American industry since 1946, that’s not too bad a safety record after all.]

Nonetheless, the speech and the staging of it were, IMO, downright scary, 

[CORRECTION: There are 87 stars on the wall,  according to the CIA web site.]

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