From our Seattle Bureau

Speaking of airport logic …if I freeze my liquids does that also deactivate their destructive nature? Liquids in excess of 3 oz. are banned but solids up to the size of a carryon bag are not….. 
What about jello? Is that a liquid or a solid? 
Also, I noticed in Palm Springs that if you have one of those little dogs that fit in your pocket, you don’t have to get x-rayed or zapped or anything. You get to go through a special gate and bypass all that. I was thinking about going into the puppy rental business. Rent them before security and collect them after… 
Also, old people (over 75) don’t have to take off their shoes. I don’t think this because old people are more trustworthy. I think they just couldn’t reach them and they were holding up the line. 12 year olds don’t have to take them off either but that could be a similar issue – they always had knots in their laces. 
Maybe I travel too much.


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