It’s been a busy week so far here at Yet Another Media Empire…

…more work than usual to avoid…which is probably why our ever-harried newsroom missed this communique from our Seattle Desk when it arrived a couple of days ago, herewith in toto…

At first I thought Trump wanted to be the first US dictator. He has the bravado and greed involved, but he's not smart enough. Doesn't know enough about how dictators work. Then I thought he wanted to institute a US oligarchy. That might work. He's probably good at passing out goodies and getting rich on the kickbacks. But, that's not it either.  

What we've done is given up the White House to a crime family. Think about it. The leader of the group is . . . wait for it . . . The Don. Now that Donald. Jr. has found his ass in the grinder, he has lawyered up. He hired Alan Futerfas. As the Huffington Post put it, "Later Monday, Trump Jr. announced he had hired Alan Futerfas as his lawyer. Futerfas is known for representing the GambinoGenovese and Colombo crime families." 

It's all just too perfect.

Sam Guy

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