Helen Gone of our travel department agrees…

…if the Toledo bus station is the last place on earth, don't go there. You will be better off just…not.

I know this because I spent a week there last Sunday night.

In the course of a round-trip to Ohio by Greyhound, I became intimately acquainted with three bus stations, in fact: New York's Port Authority building at 42nd and 8th (dingy but tolerable, and moderately entertaining); the bus station in Cleveland (you wouldn't want to be there twice but yet I was); and Toledo (The Pit).

The agent at Toledo mumbled under his breath, "why do they keep sending people here?"

I have the feeling I was lucky to have got out at all.

Also, a shout-out to Greyhound for installing new seats that are even more uncomfortable than the old ones. And they said it could't be done.

I am off for Vermont in the morning, but only for a few hours. So how bad can that be?

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