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Mike Pence's Leaked AOL Emails Prove He's Basically Your Dad | WIRED

July 5, 2016

From: GovMikePence342@AOL.com
To: Gary_Honeycutt@state.indiana.gov
Subject: HRC emails

Gar — Just saw Comey won’t rec. charges against HRC re: emails…huge mistake, obviously, but also a reminder that we need to dbl efforts re: cybersecurity. *imperative* that we keep our accounts safe!

to that end, could you print out the following passwords for me and then distribute to team so we can brainstorm how to “beef” [smiling cow icon] them up?

AOL: Aolpasswrd
Twitter: M1kePence
Facebook: ImGovinIt
Ancestry.com: MikePen¢e


Governor Mike Pence


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