Oh those crazy Feds

Feds knew blizzard forecast was exaggerated — but didn’t want to confuse us | New York Post

"Dramatically changing forecasts in what meteorologists call “the windshield wiper effect” only hurts the public, said Bob Henson, a meteorologist for the private Weather Underground."

First of all, I always assume blizzard forecasts are exaggerated because a) they usually are. Yesterday’s blizzard forecast, here, however, was pretty much spot on. It’s a little difficult to measure informally (e.g. by sticking a yardstick into it) because there was substantial drifting. But about a foot is what they said we’d get, and a foot we did. In New York City, apparently, not so much.

Still, as a confessed geek and (you may not know this) a former member of the Duluth East High School weather forecasting club, I can imagine how much fun the weather predicting guys must have with their newfangled and unspeakably cool techno-forecasting tools so I am a little reluctant to insist they be, you know, accurate.

Anyway, who really cares? It’s all going to melt. (In the meantime, it sure does look white.)

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