I'd sell my soul for a good grilled cheese sandwich

OK, half. Half a sandwich. That's fair, right?

I've been eating all this good-for-you blah blah whole wheat bread which is OK for regular things like, for example, Spam sandwiches but lousy for grilling. I don't know why. Some day I'm going to find a diner that'll make me a proper grilled cheese sandwich and order one right there on the spot. Hold the pickles, too.

I used to have a friend whose Mom made the best grilled peanut butter sandwiches I've ever tasted. I've tried for years to make one like them but it never works out. Not even with that white squishy bread, which is the only way to make decent grilled sandwiches, as everybody knows. If I could find a diner that would make them I'd eat there every day. 

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