That Snowden, what scoffer

Snowden Scoffs at Accusations of Russian Hand in US Democrats' Scandal / Sputnik International

In an all-too familiar tactic shared by the US political right and left alike, the Democratic Party has blamed the WikiLeaks release of internal emails on Russia.*


The word, Kremlin, seems so old-school, doesn't it? Now we say something more modern, sleek…like Vlad. So the question is, is Vlad trying to get Trump elected president or does he just really dislike Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Well…probably not (why bother?) and sure (doesn't everybody?). This thing is turning out to be more fun than a sweaty convention, though, so here, direct from World Headquarters, is our work avoidance hack scorecard.

  • Did the Russians hack the DNC? Of course
  • Was Vlad involved? Way more likely than not.
  • Is Wikileaks a Russian state security agency front? Lackey would be a better word.
  • Is Vlad worried about Hillary? You're joking, right?
  • Does Vlad love the Donald? Only in a passing, peck-on-the cheek sort of way. His true passion is a longer game.
  • Did those Russkies sneak misleading info into their trove of DNC emails? Why on earth would they need to?
  • Is the FBI going to figure all this out? The FBI is a Communist Clinton tool.
  • Is Snowden a Russian state security front? Gimme a break.

*[Translation from the Russian: The D's can play Red Scare too.]

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