Poor babies

The Big Bank Backlash Begins - ProPublica

"Last week, I visited an alternate universe. The real world sees a pandemic of bank misconduct, but to the white-collar defense lawyers of Washington, the banks are the victims as they bow beneath the weight of regulators' remarkably harsh punishments."

Now that they've dug the poisonous bunch-back'd toad* out of the parking lot**…

…why not re-read Shakespeare’s Richard III, now on the list.

*Act I, Scene 3

**BBC News

Rimrock rocks Greenleaf Friends 48-20

Greenleaf Friends Academy (Greenleaf, ID) vs. Rimrock (Bruneau, ID) Football 10/17/14 Box Score - MaxPreps

Woohoo! Raiders now 1-6. Go Raiders!


NFL teams' most rabid fans, in one county-by-county map - Vox

(Wait til next year.)

Because we're so good at keeping stuff out

Travelers coming from Ebola-stricken countries are now restricted to five US airports | The Verge

Like drugs, for example. Or OMG MEXICANS. Or Canadians—Hollywood is littered with ‘em. Or Puritans, for that matter. Remember them? They just sailed right in

NASA lights it up…

…on its new SoundCloud account (we don't do SoundCloud but we may have to correct that) with these and many other sounds from the space program (and all in the public domain).

Maybe they're just too nice to laugh

Taylor Swift hits #1 on Canadian iTunes chart with eight seconds of white noise | The Verge

And respectability is everything

A Bad Idea Gets Worser - Esquire

"You really do have to admire the way they've done it. At the federal level, a Supreme Court full of appointed justices opens the sluicegates for unlimited corporate money to flood the system, which results in unprecedented levels of corruption and deceit in the state courts while, at the same time, the unelected judges of the Supreme Court make it more difficult for certain people in those states -- often, the people who find themselves facing the sharp end of a decision handed down in a state court by an elected judge -- to vote out the puppet show that the state courts have become. It is as complete a strategy as any coup d'etat in any banana republic, but far more respectable. "

If you have a problem, Bunky, the last place you should go to get it fixed is Congress

On Ebola Response, Congressional Republicans Put New Focus on Visa Suspensions - NYTimes.com

"Days of news media fixation, mounting public concern and political pot-stirring have created an odd dichotomy in which leadership aides on Capitol Hill are urging caution while candidates on the campaign trail are pressing hot buttons. House Republican leadership aides have repeatedly said lawmakers are not calling for an actual ban of airline flights, even as the likes of Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, and Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, have done just that."


Halloween tree

Also for Donald Trump

Rwanda Flips The Script, Will Screen All Travelers From U.S. For Ebola

"Rwanda has not been affected by the current Ebola outbreak, which is centered in West Africa. By contrast, there have been three confirmed cases of Ebola on U.S. soil."

But what if the government just kept its mouth shut?

5 shocking reasons why Americans are getting fatter - Salon.com

"Yes, the government is talking out of both sides of its mouth when it tells the public what to put in its mouth."

I know, I know, it’s not an easy knot to untangle. Government support for health care and concern for public health and desire to contain health costs and, yes, promote the general welfare and OMG DON’T EAT THAT POTATO CHIP…

Sorry. But, really…

We're sorry we asked

Obama's Ebola Czar Is A Dangerous Mistake: Here Are Three Who Could Do The Job

"Bill Frist. A renowned heart and lung transplant surgeon who decided to enter politics…"

Feel any safer now?

Security Cameras Keep Watch Over Greenfield 

"‘My first impulse is to feel very uncomfortable,’ says Greenfield resident Joseph Panzica."


I'm waiting until they find one on the moon in a Nazi submarine

iPhone 6 'catches on fire and burns man's leg after bending in his pocket' - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

"Phillip Lechter said he was visiting the University of Arizona with his family on 11 October when the rickshaw he was travelling in…"


Keep Calm and Smile
iPhone photo: Phil Compton

App promises "most popular news"

SmartNews - Your news in one minute

So if you’re wondering about the Kardashians and stuff…

Birds on the wire

When BOO is not enough

Pumpkin Festival Riot Leaves Injuries, Arrests And Destruction

The town of Keene, NH, is just up the road from here and, although I don’t go every year (there are just so many carved pumpkins one can see), I have been there two or three times. Its not as good as the one in Circleville, of course, but it’s almost certainly bigger, as in Guiness-record bigger, so that’s something. Apparently this year it was messier as well.

Imagine our relief

Is California's drought worse than the Dust Bowl? - CSMonitor.com

“…the current drought is just a small fry compared with the one in 1934, which marked the start of a severe dry spell that spanned a decade, and eventually earned the name the Dust Bowl."

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's…some doctor. From the Pentagon.

Pentagon plans Ebola domestic-response team of medical experts to aid doctors - The Washington Post

"The Pentagon announced Sunday that it will create a 30-person team of medical experts that could quickly leap into a region if new Ebola cases emerge in the United States…"


Maybe because they don't have CNN

Here's How Nigeria Beat Ebola | Mother Jones

"Update, October 20, 11 a.m EDT: Forty-two days after Nigeria's last infection, the World Health Organization has officially declared the country 'free of Ebola virus transmission.'"

Or Fox News. Whatever the reason, Nigeria seems to be doing better than Texas.

What going on a diet can get you

Suspected Tennessee thief found eating salad in closet of random person's house: cops (VIDEO) - NY Daily News


Hanging on

Block that metaphor!

Why Are Patriots Fans So Damned Miserable? - Eric Wilbur's Sports Blog - Boston.com

"One week from now, the Patriots will host the Chicago Bears, kicking off a difficult stretch in which they will play against the aforementioned Bears, as well as the Broncos. Colts, Lions, and Packers, all teams more worthy of the cupcake schedule that New England doggie-paddled over the first seven weeks"

JIC you're suffering from panic withdrawal

Goliath Encounter: Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest - Yahoo News

"The birdeater's enormity is evident from the sounds it makes. 'Its feet have hardened tips and claws that produce a very distinct, clicking sound, not unlike that of a horse's hooves hitting the ground,' he wrote, but 'not as loud.'"

Quieter, in other words. So you can’t hear them coming.

But that's OK because we're swearing off Ebola, really

Ebola plush toys fly off the shelf for Connecticut company - Yahoo News

"It may be the only time you will find these words in the same sentence: 'Ebola' and 'Add to Wishlist.'"

Sold out, they are, for now. But there are still a lot of fun toys to be had. Why not curl up with this plush bed bug?


You're just trying to cheer me up, right?

Obama Appoints Political Operative to be Ebola Czar | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

"President Obama today named veteran Democratic political operative and former White House staffer Ron Klain to take over the federal response to Ebola.…
“He knows as much as you do about Ebola."

The problem with being "good" is…

…there’s never anything fun to eat.

Wait. Are those potato chips?


Down the block

Update day

Due to Apple’s big show yesterday, time to get some updates done. (If an update of OS X is not crucial to you, probably best to wait a week or two, until the servers cool down. Otherwise, this is definitely something you want to get done.)

Hey, not enough panic for you yet? Here's a book…

The Plague - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The news (according to Apple's App Store)


Evening light

First-world problems

Poll shows Ebola fears keeping some Americans at home - Chicago Tribune

…"a Reuters/Ipsos poll, which surveyed 1,577 Americans 18 or older online, found nearly 80 percent were concerned about the Ebola outbreak. Asked which precautions they were taking in light of the Ebola epidemic, almost half of respondents said they were avoiding international air travel."

On Chapman Street


I had three long-walk errands on my list, all in different directions, and got one done before the rain started. Now it’s raining pretty hard and the forecast looks, well, wet. I’m thinking I may have to wear these socks for another day.

Also, making lunch, I scorched the soup. Do you know how difficult that is?

OK, now I'm scared

CDC, Dallas hospital feel heat as Ebola fears grow
"A U.S. House of Representatives panel on Thursday was set to examine what actions federal health officials are taking — and should be taking…"
[Emphasis mine.]
I mean, seriously, if you thought you were coming down with Ebola (by the way, you’re not) would you call a congress critter? I know, one of them’s an eye doctor, but still. If you thought your were coming down with Ebola, would you call your eye doctor?

And you wouldn’t call USA Today either, right? Or the New York Daily news. The Daily News, while we’re on that track, today published the single most misleading news graphic I’ve ever seen—it’s here—and that’s saying something.

Whew. I feel better now. I’m going to arrange a flu shot.