Ah, the irony

October sky

Now I have to worry about this too?

Planet Nine is making sun tilt, adding 'wobble' to solar system - NY Daily News

Whoa! It's the old "elevated vocabulary" defense

Iowa sub who had sex with student: 'I am the victim' - NY Daily News

An Iowa substitute teacher accused of having sex with a student claims the 17-year-old boy seduced her with his "elevated vocabulary"…

I'm seeing a surge in English class enrollment. 

It's passing strange…

…that when I dictate the word consanguineous to my iPhone (as I just did) it gets the spelling correct but when I ask Siri to define consanguineous it hears "constant when he is."

Another strange thing is me using the word "constant when he is."


If you're a fan of disaster TV…

…and last night's meltdown in Las Vegas wasn't enough for you, there's good news: The Bears play the Packers this evening in Green Bay. And—extra bonus—you can watch it free on Twitter.


And if you're waiting for the high-speed train from Vermont this morning…

Outside my front window

As long as you don't forget to scrub behind your ears

The Internet Can't Get Over Being Able to Take the iPhone 7 in the Shower


"I can now watch Netflix in the shower what a time to be alive" Read the full story

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If somebody wants to loan me five bucks, I'll do it

Why doesn't anyone want to buy Twitter?

The Washington Post

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I'm voting for Charlie Brown

Wednesday's TV Highlights: 

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown The animated "Peanuts" classic marks its 50th anniversary as Linus stakes out a spot in the pumpkin patch, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Great Pumpkin, 8 p.m. ABC.

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Hey, if we stop doing business with these crooks we'll have to buy new checks

City To Consider Cutting Ties With Wells Fargo Following Phony Account Scandal
SF Gate

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) San Francisco is set to become the latest city to consider cutting ties with Wells Fargo in the wake of a growing scandal involving the creation of around 2 million phony bank accounts. Supervisors Jane Kim and John Avalos introduced legislation today calling for the city to end its business with Wells Fargo and urging the city attorney and district attorney to investigate the bank's practices. In addition, the legislation calls for the city to consider a "responsible banking…" Read the full story

To be clear, it's not the scandal that's phony, it's the account.

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Points for caring, at least

Opinion: McCaul: Our nation faces cybersecurity threats -- One of them is a presidential candidate
Fox News

The fact that Secretary Clinton put her own self-interest ahead of our security should alarm Americans. Read the full story


Go heat wave!

Record-breaking heat wave as summer makes a comeback

While the trees may be telling us it's Fall with their brilliant colors, summer is making a comeback for much of the eastern half of the country early this week. Read the full story

You can't trust Democrats, say Democrats' lawyers

DNC Lawyers Argue Neutrality Is Merely a 'Political Promise' | Observer


Morning sun

No. Freaking. Kidding.

IRS Audits Its Collection of Al Capone Guns, Finds It Failed to Shoot Straight

Wall Street Journal The agency, perennially in someone's crosshairs, had an elaborate plan last month to aim for some positive publicity by evoking one of its proudest moments: the 1931 conviction of Al Capone for tax evasion after other law-enforcement agencies failed…

"It's unusual that a relatively small federal agency would have two guns from one of the most infamous criminals," said Geoff Schumacher, the Mob Museum's director of content.

Not exactly a rave review

Bears explore new depths in loss to Jaguars - Chicago Tribune


It's an October miracle!

Iraqi state TV: Iraqi prime minister announces start of operations to liberate Mosul from IS

BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraqi state TV: Iraqi prime minister announces start of operations to liberate Mosul from IS.

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Somehow this does not seem like a selling point to me

Better not look behind you, Buckeyes

AP Top 25: Michigan up to No. 3 as Ohio State holds at No. 2

Michigan moved up to No. 3 in The Associated Press college football poll, right behind No. 2 Ohio State, to give the Big Ten ...

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Welcome to Cold War II

US prepped for massive cyber assault on Russia | New York Post

"'We’re sending a message,' Biden said during an interview with 'Meet the Press' that will air on Sunday. 'We have the capacity to do it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact,'"

Oh, for those halcyon days in 2009 when Hillary Clinton merrily presented the Russians with a big red RESET button. Apparently, they’ve pushed it. Or maybe we have.

Ironies abound. It seems only yesterday Russia was that glittering place where a heroic Edward Snowden resided with his girlfriend, happily employed and making big bucks lecturing U.S. college students via satellite. 

Now, Russia is again the Evil Empire and Snowden’s pals at WikiLeaks are its stooges, pushing doctored and forged documents intended to crash the American electoral process in service of the World’s Loosest Canon, Donald Trump.

We can’t wait for the next act. Or, maybe we can.


Do you think this fellow gets paid for saying stuff like this?

How Russian hackers will impact the encryption debate on Capitol Hill

FedScoop Will public acknowledgement of Russia's aggression actually move the needle in Congress, where politicians are preparing for yet another contentious battle over encryption that may spur regulation?... 

"At a minimum, Russia's alleged hacking increases the importance that Congress convene a commission to dig deeply and quickly into the use of technology by terrorists and nation-states to determine how we can protect America from bad actors while preserving our civil liberties," said Matt Mayer, a visiting fellow.

More news from the poor-but-happy crowd

Researchers have debunked one of our most basic assumptions about how the world works - The Washington Post

"We know that people in rich countries live longer than people in poor countries.…
And yet, when the economy is doing well, when it's growing faster than average, we find that more people are dying."

Extreme caffeine

The Most Dangerous Cup of Coffee in the World
The Wall Street Journal

The quest for find the next great specialty brew has led aficionados to Congo despite its Kalashnikovs, death threats and corruption.…

"I thought this was so great. It was so fleshy," head judge Beth Ann Caspersen, who lives in Rhode Island, said about the highest-rated brew in one round of the competition, limited to coffee grown in this central African nation. It was easy to forget how Kalashnikov-wielding guards milled around outside while clapped-out sedans swerved around gaping potholes.

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Bright spots

But wait! That's not all!

Something crazy happens to Jupiter's moon Io for 2 hours every day - The Washington Post

Jupiter's innermost moon Io is nothing to sneeze at.