Did "prankster" stomp the BOT?

Gearing up for the first big debate(s)

The Long History of Political Idiocy - The New York Times

"WE are currently enjoying a master class in the art of political stupidity.…"

Your Tuesday Morning Factoid

Seems it's President Obama's birthday today. He's 54.

According to the New York Times, "Mr. Obama was the fifth-youngest U.S. president when he took office in 2009. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest, followed by John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Ulysses S. Grant."


But you knew this, right?

It's today.

A little good news for a change

Very cool maps

What’s across the ocean from you when you’re at the beach, in 7 fascinating maps - The Washington Post

I’m always amazed that Boston is only 0.5 degrees of latitude north of Rome.

1) Take a really deep breath

How to Plan a Successful Underwater Wedding | TIME

"For modern couples looking to replicate Smith and Sanger’s aquatic ceremony, several of their tricks are well worth noting…"

Picky, picky

Users of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sunscreen Are Posting Photos of Epic Sunburns | TIME

"Eco-friendly Honest Company’s sunscreen may be “naturally derived,” “unscented” and “non-toxic,” according to the company’s website, but now some users on social media are claiming that it doesn’t work."


Parking lot on Sunday

What, he dosn't know?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says family worth between $9M and $22M

Guy has so much money he can’t even count it to ± $10 million?

Our kinda guy

A typical welcome sign? That won't fly

"For 27 years it's been up there on the flat roof of Mark Gubin's building in the flight path of Mitchell International Airport [in Milwaukee]. A sign painted in letters 6 feet tall tells people arriving here by air: "WELCOME TO CLEVELAND.""

One word: Philly

Hitchhiking Robot That Crossed Nations Fails to Last 2 Weeks in U.S. | TIME

"The hitchhiking robot is an experiment to see how humans interact with robots. HitchBOT previously journeyed across Canada and Germany without incident, in addition to enjoying a three-week vacation in the Netherlands."

When you crash you crash

I've been averaging seven miles per day walking for at least the last month but today I'm going no where. Dude, it's time for a break.

Although I did do laundry, so that's about one mile. And I might go to the bank to deposit an $18 check from Verizon. No kidding. When's the last time Verizon sent you money, Bunky?

Otherwise, I've got a book.

Trying to trump Trump is maybe not a good idea (but what fun!)

Dignity is where you find it, or perhaps not

“…  We recently watched a video in which Rand Paul took a chain saw to a pile of papers meant to represent the federal tax code. We watched another video in which Lindsey Graham put his cellphone in a blender, dropped a concrete block on it and tried to light it on fire. 
"We cackled at Scott Walker’s incompetence in the presence of cheesesteak. And we listened to Rick Perry challenge Trump to a duel of deltoids: Which man could do more pull-ups? 
"This is the magnitude of dignity being brought to the 2016 presidential contest. And it’s the context in which Trump isn’t surprising but rather inevitable."
[Noted by our Midwest and Elsewhere bureau.]


Walking your phone

Study: Humans are adapting to walk and text - CSMonitor.com

"Meanwhile, pranksters in New York found another solution for phone-distracted pedestrians. Wearing jackets labeled 'Seeing Eye People,' they used leashes to guide people who were engrossed in their cell phones."

Windows 10 arrives


Swim faster, Bunky, they're gaining

Brazil data: Olympic water 'unfit' for triathletes to swim

"The AP study showed that the spot where athletes were entering the water on Copacabana Beach on Friday had a minimal reading of over 2 million human adenovirus per liter — that's 2,000 times the reading that water experts in the U.S. say would be considering highly alarming if seen on beaches in the U.S. or Europe."

On social engineering

Chris Hadnagy on the Def Con hackers posing as your coworkers - CSMonitor.com

“…while tech vulnerabilities may make headlines, exploiting people's trust is actually one the most common way [sic] people and companies are hacked."

Nothing worth hacking where I live

Oh oh, this is gonna screw up the PC-o-meter big time

Kardashians still call Caitlyn ‘Bruce’ | Page Six

Plus, for extra credit…

Cirque du Chrissy: Teigen balances chicken wings on her butt | Page Six

Got that right

Stakes for Donald Trump in First G.O.P. Debate (in a Word): Huge - The New York Times

“No matter how well I do,” he said, “everyone will say I lost.”


The difference

Sanders Statement on Planned Parenthood - Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Hillary Clinton: Planned Parenthood videos 'disturbing' - Eliza Collins - POLITICO



We don't believe in "feels like"

It's pretty warm out there, but only 83º indoors. Although the wet meter is pegged. Hey, it's July.

And vice versa

"Tricky Hillary" doesn't have quite the same ring, but it comes to mind

The Missing Hillary Emails No One Can Explain - The Daily Beast

"Among the approximately 2,000 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has released from her private account, there is a conspicuous two-month gap. There are no emails between Clinton and her State Department staff during May and June 2012, a period of escalating violence in Libya leading up to the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead."

[For the young-uns, I’m referring to “Tricky Dick” Nixon.]

When new records are set…

Bernie Sanders Builds a People’s Army - The Daily Beast

"Every year since 2000, Tyson Manker has voted for the winning presidential candidate."

…we sorta hope they’re more impressive than that.

Where's your imagination, dude?

PETA Wants Lion-Hunting Dentist Killed | TIME

"He needs to be extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged"

You’ve never seen Marathon Man?

Well, yeah, that's a point

Jon Stewart’s secret Obama meetings reveal he’s a partisan hack | New York Post

"'The Daily Show' isn’t enduring political satire. It’s more like sports talk radio for liberals. Liberals watch it not to be informed but to get caught up in team spirit, a big part of which is simply mindlessly razzing the other team."

And 15 months to go

Bill Hammond: Gun zealots shooting blanks - NY Daily News

"It was a no-brainer statement in support of a no-brainer policy that’s widely popular, even among gun owners.

Yet it qualifies Jindal as the brave exception in a GOP pack that shakes in its boots at the thought of crossing the National Rifle Association."

Would you click on this ad?


Don't worry. It's not clickable (above), but it is on the New York Times and, I presume, many other places it's running this morning.

Maybe it's just me, but if this Clinton campaign gets any spookier I'm getting myself a tinfoil hat.